Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Warning: This post may contain scenes inappropiate for minors!

Ha, Ha.. Just kidding! I was going call my post Rub-a-dub-dub, three Egglets in the Tub... but I think part of that has already been used before. I promise - now that I do the posts, there will NOT be any "parts" flashing. Mom wasn't as careful - man she can be SO embarrassing.

Just me and my trains!

Addie is the "free bird" of the twins so she is the last in and the first out. She isn't very good about following the rules either - she screams A LOT, splashes towards the opening instead of towards the wall AND she stands! That is a BIG no, no in mom's book. She doesn't usually wear a bow in the tub either but was afraid people would mix her up with Matt.

Here we are getting all soaped up - it is like an assembly line in here... soap Addie, soap Matty, soap me. Rinse Addie, Rinse Matty, Rinse me... Can you see the grip mom has on Addie's arm?

Moose with some well placed bubbles (That was for you Ronnie!)

Told you she stands... she gets in a LOT of trouble some days!

Well, enough pics now mom - GET OUT OF HERE!

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