Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ho...Ho...Ho It's Almost Christmas!

ONLY our mom would come up with this idea....

And make us shirts to wear!

Now if she could only get us to all look AND smile at the same time!

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Thanksgiving Projects

Our Mom is BIG on Thanksgiving... she LOVES this holiday and not just because of the pumpkin pies and sweet potatoes.... she LOVES the idea of stopping and being thankful for all that God has given us! So, she is ALL about the Thanksgiving Day crafts....

This year she came up with a project we could ALL do together.... so we colored the parts...

We even helped each other color the parts.... and then it was time to assemble.... our very OWN giant....

TURKEY!!!! Isn't he just the greatest thing EVER? Check out those colorful feathers!

He was SUPER big and we hung him in our playroom... every night before the twins went to bed they would run over to him and say, "Nite, Nite, turkeeeeee" We were a little sad when he came down....not sure what happened to him... but our turkey dinner was AWESOME!

AND.... this was the second year with our Tree of Thanksgiving....This year mom send out emails instead of mailing out the leaves to everyone... we saved a lot of money in postage which we sent as an extra gift to our Compassion Ministry Kid... Erika! She was able to get some Christmas presents for her and her brother! This year it was MY idea to trace my hand instead of making leaves.... mom thought it was SUPER cute to see my hands all over the tree.... next year we will copy Matt and Addie's too... they are too wiggly to trace this year.

And, when mom wasn't looking... I snuck ONE Christmas ornament onto the Tree of Thanksgiving... she didn't find my tractor til we were taking all the hands down!

I am so glad we do this... it is fun to see all the great things our friends and family are thankful for!

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This is going to be hard to believe.... but mom didn't take many pics of us on Thanksgiving at EITHER house!
She was too busy snapping shots of our little cousin Kaleigh...she may look just like her dad but she's as sweet as her mom! *Please note that Cousin Eric is VERY cool.... but I wouldn't describe him as sweet and he probably won't mind!
We had a great time with BOTH our families... we have lots to be thankful for this year....
We're thankful for our health - and that Addie's asthma isn't toooo bad....
Matty's really thankful for his rat that he takes everywhere (and thankful that I introduced him to the rats!)

Sissy is thankful for flowers, or anything pink and pretty... And she's thankful for her daddy who plays with her and puts her up high in trees....

We're thankful for our legs that let us run and play...

And even thankful for cushioned falls! Of course we're thankful for our families AND all of you too!

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Dress Up Fun...

There's nothing more fun than putting on a hat and being something else for the day... like a cabbie from New York...

Or a Prima ballerina....

Or an Alaskan hunter looking for polar bears....

Or an Ice Princess looking for your tiera....

Or, sometimes you just want to be yourself... play your radio and chill....

Sissy loves to put on dance parties for us... and sometimes we even join her.

We always have a ton of crazy fun at our house!

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Yea! It's finally cold enough for us to wear these silly hats mom gets us! There is nothing like 60 degree sunny weather, a green yard and a football to play with... even if it is the dog's ball!

We had so much fun sliding and playing and swinging and chasing... winter days in AZ are the BEST!

And, we must not have enough toys to play with.... we have to play with the dog's! We really like to do it because it totally grosses my mom out!

89, 27, 52..... HIKE! Addie's our little quarter back and Moo Moo makes a great lineman....

Winters in AZ... Shorts, long sleeves, and beanie caps! Soon we had shed our hats and even came in with a little winter glow!

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A Sassy New Haircut!

Check out sissy in her NEW sassy haircut! She did really great sitting for Miss Summer.... well, pretty great and the suckers totally help keep her focused! Miss Summer made her leg warmers for her too!

Here's the back of her hair... mom says it's stacked... I don't know... and really, I don't care.

She is pretty stinking cute though... even for a little sister!

Another view of the back... Matty seems pretty interested in watching her try on EVERY shoe in their closet!

Ahhhhh.... I LOVE my sissy!

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Nite Nite Time

Bedtime around here is one of my favorite times of the day! Well, not the going to bed part.... but all the stuff leading up to bed is pretty fun!

We usually take our bath right after nap, before dinner.... there is nothing better than having a full stomach in soft PJ's! Then after a little playtime we head upstairs... this is where I split with dad to do the BIG kid stuff and the twinkies head off to bed with mom.... Dad and I read books and usually his car and Driver Magazine. I am learning all about different kinds of cars!

Mom takes the twins to their room for a last diaper change and a tuck in.... but as you can see - if there is a hat within an inch of Addie - she will have it on... shoes too! So, once mom can wrestle her out of her hats....

They pile onto Addie's bed for some books and prayers... and then lights OUT!

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Happy Halloween

I know, I KNOW it has been a LONG, LONG time since I have written... hey, I am 3 and a half now and I am a busy guy.... but I promise to try to keep up with y'all better.... Looks like I left off around Halloween.... so grab a drink and maybe even a snack and enjoy the posts! Here's Matty or as we have called him since he was born... Moo Moo! He LOVED being a cow for Halloween!

It was complete with a tail and all... We thought for sure that he would ditch the costume as soon as we got to our cousin Kaleigh's house... but he kept it on most of the night.

Yup! I was a firefighter AGAIN!.... When you have the BEST costume it's hard to get a new one! And, I promise that is "fake" dirt ... mom would NEVER let us walk around this dirty!

Matty Moo and Kaleigh are best buds! They really love to play together and leave me and sissy out! They love to run and chase and play ball!

Yup, a fireman playing with... what else?... a firetruck!

Sissy was a hula dancer but she was sooooo busy dancing and running and playing that she would not stand still for a decent shot....

Here's our cousin Kaleigh.... she has the keys to ALL of our hearts!

Here are the girls about to bust out a game of memory ... it will quickly turn into a game for Cousin Merry and Mom.... 50 card pick up!

Our friends Charlotte and Jack came over too and Charlotte taught Addie to sit in the baby seat! We all laughed and laughed at those two crazy girls!

Here's "my Jack"! He's one of my favorite friends... he is older and knows a lot more than me! It's fun to play with him.

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