Monday, December 1, 2008

NASCAR Stalker.

So, every once in a while the NASCAR races are right here near our house... I don't actually get to go to the races yet BUT my Uncle Matt is an EMT for the crashes - isn't that SO cool? Well, about a week before the races - they have the race cars everywhere... AND I FREAK OUT when I see them. Mom got sick of saying "Not today" and finally gave in and let me see them. Here I am with the Lowes car.
Here is the M&M car. This was a really cool sighting. We got there just as the truck was unloading the car - we watched them unload and then set up. Matt and Addie were sleeping in the back seat so mom said I couldn't get out. But the lady who was running the thing came over and asked if we wanted to get a picture with the car before they took the ropes down...

So they walked us up like we were VIP... She gave me a poster and a magnet and let me look at the car. Just then the trailer started to drie away and that is when mom snaped the pic... I heard some kid ask the lady for a poster when we were walking back to the truck and the lady said that they were not ready to open yet....

Here I am with the Cottonelle car. It was at Wal-Mart. I think my cousin Wyatt would have loved this car - he said he was thankful for toilet paper and toilets among other things on his Thanksgiving Tree leaf... Wyatt - this pic is for you!

I kept looking and looking for more NASCAR cars but mom didn't always have her camera with her. In total - I got to see 7 different cars! I can't wait until the races come back next year!

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