Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving at Nana & Papa's!

Hey! Well, finally I have caught up to Thanksgiving and am only about 10 days behind! Thanksgiving at Nana and Papa's house started off like it always does at Nana and Papa's house - THE PLAYROOM! This is my stuff... I still don't have to share yet - but I am afraid the day is coming soon when A&M will get to play in my playroom too!

A&M are still confined like caged animals... well, Addie - thanks for proving my point... if mom had been any slower with the camera - you would have caught nothing but bloomers and feet in the air.

Matt & Addie are playing nice for the camera! Too bad mom can't ever get them to look away from their stuff long enough to snap a pic!

After dinner - us guys caught a game. The girls were playing in the playroom and cleaning up dinner - man, I sure am glad I'm a boy!

Our cousin Bri got in the cage with Addie. Dad says she needs to stay there until she is 50 years old... something about the boys. Addie thought it was funny for Bri to "rockstar" swing her hair.

Bri has a new phone with a new camera - mom and Bri got silly and took all sorts of weird and funny pics! Girls can be so strange!!!

Then they pulled me into this little thing and made Drew take the pic. I was NOT thrilled... can you tell?
Sheesh - can't a guy get a little privacy? I am heading into the bathroom...

Just me and my little bro. I love this little guy!

Here's Nana with her favorite baby boy. I'm her favorite big kid of course - and Addie - well the favorite baby girl!

Why does it always look like Addie is scheming something up?

Here's our big cousin Drew. He loves to play with Matty & I. He was playing catch with us in the playroom... don't tell anyone we were throwing the ball in the house!

Here mom goes again snapping pictures. Man, my cousin is pretty huh?!? Stay away or I will have to hurt you!

Who needs pie when you can have whipped cream?

Come on Papa -if you sneak it to me - they won't get mad - you're the boss of us all!

Here's my crazy dad! That's why I love him so much!
Hope your Turkey Day was as great as ours! We don't have any pics to post of Thanksgiving with our Gram and Papa... we caught a bad cold and missed out celebrating with them. Well, mom actually got it and was running a fever even. I think her exact words were, "I am so bummed to miss it BUT I hardly have enough energy when I am 100% to wrestle with 3 sick kids in public!" Good thing we had so much time with our cousins before we all got sick! Guess this means we'll have to drive to Texas to see them some more!

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