Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Help!! I am being attacked by elfs!

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More Jets!

There is only one thing I like better than WALL-E right now - and that is anything to do with jets! I begged mom to take us to the airfield again - and she caved!
Matt & Addie weren't that thrilled this time. They don't seem to appreciate a great jet take-off and landing like I do!

I just about went through the windshield. I like to get as close as possible. Mom says I am the best spotter. I can seem them coming when they are just a little speck in the sky.

Mom said it was time to go and I was getting back into my seat when all of a sudden three more came home! It was so cool to watch them come in outside of the car! Man, is it LOUD.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gingerbread and More Lights...


Man, I wish every month was December - there is so much to do! I made my first ever gingerbread house! It was soooo cool. Mom put the house together with me before my nap - we had to wait for the icing to dry before we could decorate it! I was SO excited to get up from my nap to finish my house.

As you can see - I caught the hang of it. Mom says that she is going to stock up on houses because it kept me quiet and busy for almost an hour and a half... I thought that was just RUDE of her to say! I caught on quick... place and...


place and...


Here it is ALL DONE! And, mom did not place ANY of the stuff on my house - I did it all myself - even the line of skittles... (she handed them to me though and I like to do red then "geen" red then "geen"). We had SO much fun and Daisy liked to lick up all the sprinkles I dropped on the floor. The vacuum got what she missed. Well, I am off to bed - it is a late night for us Egglets... we picked up our Nana and went to see the Community Joy Lights. It was SO cool. You don't even get out of your car. All the money they make goes to buy food for people who don't have any. I hope they get to buy a gingerbread house and make one too!
Oh yah! Thanks Nana for the gingerbread house kit... it was SO fun!

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As You Wish...

I wish December lasted all year. Mom and I had a "date" day and met Merry, Kaleigh, Miss Suzanne and "My" Jack at a place called As You Wish. You get to pick out something and then paint it. I found this jet and HAD to have it. I picked out a green color to paint it because green is my favorite color.
Little Kaleigh didn't get to paint but she did get to help with a project....

"My" Jack is a really good painter like me.

I kept taste testing the paint. Mom kept telling me not to eat it but I kept forgetting that it was not icing! It doesn't taste like icing at all!

"My" Jack's little sister got to come in for a little while. She was mostly hanging out with her GrandPap.

"My" Jack's mom - Miss Suzanne - turned 23 on this day so we had cupcakes for her. Mom made sure that there were some blue sprinkles on some of them too for Jack and I - we didn't want pink sprinkles.

When we were ready to go - "My" Jack tried to give me a hug... I wasn't sure at first what he was doing... sorry "My" Jack - next time I will hug you back.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Visit with Ho Ho

Old St. Nicholas might be jolly - but that was just about it. Matt was the ONLY one who laughed and smiled at Santa which - if you know him - is SHOCKING... let me back up a little bit and give you the whole story behind our day.
We woke up to RAIN today! Not just the normal Phoenix sprinkle - a real all day rain storm. It is SO cold and it looks like it is going to snow! We already had plans for the day that got rained out... but I still wanted to go somewhere. At breakfast - mom asked if I wanted to go see Santa - who I call Ho Ho. I was so excited - I wanted to ask Santa to bring me a WALL-E stuffie for Christmas.

Addie got the lecture about not being greedy and asking for tons of things. Mom told us that we should only ask for one thing. She reminded us that Christmas is about the gift of Baby Jesus and not all about getting presents... (But it is kinda a cool perk that Jesus shares his birthday AND the present getting with us!)

This is how our little outing started. We called Nana and she was all about coming with us. Since it was raining and we had on our new outfits that Gram and Papa had gotten us in Illinois... mom took us to a mall far away that has covered parking.

My Nana wanted to get a calendar RIGHT BEFORE we were going into the doggie store. I called and called for her to come back so that we could go in and see the wild puppies.

This was my favorite part of the whole day!

After some shopping, some trauma and sitting on Santa's lap - we were finally ready to call it a day! This is me and my Nana.

As always - when we got home - mom did a little photo shoot of the new outfits.

Matty even took out his paci to look like a big kid.

We just hung out and played the rest of the day away.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tommy the Elf

About two weeks ago we got a cool package in the mail. It was a book from Santa called - An Elf on the Shelf. Santa's story talks about Christmas and being good for mom and dad so that Santa will bring us a special gift on Christmas morning. Mom said that Santa is a nice man who wants to give to others like God gave to us by sending us His Son on Christmas Day. So Santa isn't the "real" reason for Christmas - but it is kinda cool that he is SO nice that he wants to give to little boys and girls who have been nice all year.
So, in the book, Santa tells us all about this elf (who was in the package) who is our very own. Santa tells us to name the elf (we named him Tommy) and look for him everyday. Each night he goes back to Santa to let him know if we had a good day or a bad day. Once day last week I had a 4 time out day - that wasn't a good report day... Each morning we have to try and find where Tommy will be hiding for the rest of the day.

He has had some pretty funny hiding places - In mom's stocking, on a picture frame, on top of mom's reindeer that we are not supposed to touch, AND in this tree! It is fun to look for him each day. I am SURE that he will have a great report for Santa this season.

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Zoo Lights....And Some of Our Own

We have a family tradition of going to Zoo Lights with Auntie Christine and Uncle Jake. I know it is a tradition now because it is the second year in a row!

This year Matt and Addie got to come along too. Last year they were SO tiny that they had to stay home - but they got to stay with Gram & Papa - so they didn't miss out on too much.

Matt was NOT a fan of the crowds. It was SO busy. We had to wait about 15 minutes just to leave the zoo. I thought we were waiting in line to go on some cool ride - but NOPE - just to get out the exit! It was still a ton of fun. Mom read the paper thing to me and it said that they use over 250 MILLION lights. That is a lot of lights. And, the zoo is becoming very responsible... they are switching to LED lights which use less energy AND they use solar power that is stored from the day time.

Here's spunky Addie... she did better with the crowds but would have been happier if they would just let her down to run and play.

Here's Auntie Chris and Uncle Jake. I think that we have been to zoo lights with them ever since Uncle Jake came around! I knew he was a keeper last year!

Mommy & Sissy.

Mommy & Moo.

All the lights at the zoo inspired dad and I to get going on our own light display. It was REALLY cold out when we were working. Dad let me help with all the bushes.

Some times the rocks are more fun than decorating with lights but I managed to stay pretty focused. Dad needed the help I'm sure.

All the lights got everyone in the mood for "Ho Ho" to come. Here is Addie sporting his hat.

Moose is tooooo cool for the "Ho Ho" hat.

That night we went out to check out our lights and dad had a surprise for me in our backyard! He decorated one of my new Christmas trees AND we have two reindeer. One of them is eating the rocks which makes me laugh cuz mom always says not to put rocks in our mouth. The big one with the horns is Rudolph... he has a red nose. The one who is eating the rocks is Holly.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow Donuts

Mmmmm.... Have you ever had a snow donut? They are these tiny little donuts covered in powdered sugar! Man, are they good! They make your lips all funny and white too.
Addie got to try one too and she thought they were pretty good.

Poor Moo Moo did not get a snow donut. He doesn't take bites yet - he just shoved the whole thing in his mouth. Mom said that snow donuts are only for kiddos who can take bites... she said it is too messy to break into pieces.

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