Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Projects...

I LOVE to color! I guess I am just like my dad. He is really good at drawing and graphics. Sometimes my dad even draws me pictures of the things I love to color. Since I LOVE jets right now, he made some for me to color.

Mom says that washable markers are the BEST invention ever. How does all this color get all over me?

Every time we go see the jets - we always say "Be safe." when they take off and then we clap and say "Thank you!!!" when they land. One of mom's friends - Lisa - from Kate's cup sent her an address for injured soldiers. You can send Christmas cards to the address and the pass them out to soldiers who are recovering from the war. SO, we decided to color pictures of jets. On the bottom my mom wrote - "Thank you for keeping us safe! We pray for you often." It is pretty cool to send stuff to them. I wish I could meet a jet pilot someday!

It's tough work being an artist!

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