Saturday, September 25, 2010

Noah's Soccer Debut (by Guest Author... Matty Moo)

Hey.... It's Matty Moo... the sports reporter for Egglet Sports! My BIG brother started soccer and today was his very first game! Be sure to watch for #17! That's him!

Of course mom had to start the EARLY morning off with a lame photo shoot... we were so excited to go see Noah that it was pretty much pointless!

Addie and I were a little jealous that we don't get to play and that he got really cool shirts with his number on them... so mom let us pick out numbers for our shirts too! So, game one and he already has a fan club!

Here's Coach Adams giving the team the run down. I really don't know what he tells them - it's a top secret TEAM ONLY meeting.... whatever he said must have been pretty cool cuz just prior to this - Noah decided he was NOT going to take the field OR play today!

They play four on four - so Noah had to sit out the first rotation... but soon he was substituted into the game!

It's kinda confusing to know which goal is who's... not only for us on the sidelines but for the teams as well. Both teams scored points in their goal AND on the others...

He had to make sure we were watching! And boy were we! We had quite the cheering section for Noah Boy!

Here's one of the (few) times Noah made contact with the ball.... But, it was a good one!

I don't know how he did it.... he just ran and ran and ran and ran and ran!

Here he is going in from a water break to get the next pointers on what move to play next.

Since they kept getting confused the coach made sure that they knew which goal they were going for! Looks like they all got it!

There he goes again!

Man, he sure does look like the professional soccer player doesn't he?

Here's Noah hanging with the guys from the other team in their net! Let's hope he was showing good sportsmanship!

At the end - the parents of the other team made a tunnel for both teams to run through.

It looked like so much fun that sissy just had to do it too!

She wishes that she could play on a team this year too! Well, this is Matty Moo, reporting for Egglet Sports... stay tuned for more soccer news to come this Fall!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

What better way to spend Memorial Day than in the pool and with family!
So we loaded up the suits, sunscreen and puddle jumpers and made the short trek to Gram and Papa's house...

We just had to show off our pool skills that we learned this summer!

I think at first EVERY ONE was a little nervous about Matt's ambitious jumping... but it was soon clear that Matty Moo is a high flyer! He just jumps and tucks those legs - getting TONS of air!

Addie and I couldn't be out done by the BABY of the family so we perfected our jumping skills as well! I even got Gram to toss me the ball mid-air...

What started out as a little pool time and a BBQ - turned into 6 (yes, SIX) hours of swimming with a few little breaks for hot dogs, Popsicles, and Jelly Belly jelly beans!

We had water gun fights, too!

Dad even got in on the action and gave us all dolphin rides!

Sissy showed off how much she loves to swim with her face in the water!

And she's pretty proud of herself when she comes up for air! Just a few weeks ago - sissy bug didn't like to put her face in the water!

Is there anything better than a Popsicle in the pool? Mom doesn't even have to tell us to watch the drips!

I sat over in my own corner... I wanted to make sure that no one stole mine!

Just when we thought we were safe... PAPA came out of no where with his water gun!

What a perfect day! And, I promise Gram and Mom were there too... As always, mom was the photographer... so she's never in the pics... and someone once told me - NEVER post a pic of a lady in her swimsuit unless she's totally approved of it... AND... to ensure "favorite four year old grandson" status... I didn't want to even ask!

Look at this sneaky little thing.... Addie Mae - I see that water gun you are hiding under the water. Just remember - what comes around goes around!

As you can tell, we had tons of fun! And thanks to all the military personnel out there who have sacrificed so much for all of us so that we can have weekends like this!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are THREE!

That was THEN...

And this is NOW...
THEN. . .
NOW. . .
Addie THEN. . .
Addie NOW. . .
Matty Moo THEN. . .
Matty Moo NOW. . .
Addie may be the WILD one... But even back THEN Matty was the attention HOG. . .
And looks like he is STILL the attention stealer NOW. . .
Ummm, Yah... This was me then!
So, you guessed it... Addie and Matty are now THREE! We've been so busy this summer with swimming and play groups, and other fun summer stuff that I have been so behind... so behind that now Addie and Matty are THREE! I promise to post some more soon... we have some swim pics, some Memorial Day pics and some birthday pics! I promise to catch you up to speed between my preschool at BSF and my soccer practice and games!

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