Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Breaking in the New Playground...

While our cousins were here from Texas - we decided to have a pizza picnic to break in the new playground! My great grandpa and great grandma also came for all the fun!

Here's Libby enjoying a little dessert!

Mom made cupcakes with a letter on each one of them. I tried and tried to figure out what it spelled but I can't read yet. When Belle came, I finally figured it all out. Mom had put a letter on each one that started with the first name of who was at our house. Belle had to figure out which cupcake belonged to each person! Belle is REALLY smart and figured it out FAST. Here is Belle with her "A" cupcake. (Her whole name is Annabelle).

Moo Moo LOVED his cupcake! I think he got more on himself than in his mouth!

Matt kept a firm eye on his cupcake - I think he was worried that Papa was going to sneak a bite!

After eating - we got Gram to pull us around the yard in our wagon. Looks like there is NO room for me on this ride!

Move OVER - I am coming in! I love my cousins. They are really fun to play with.

Here's Papa with his two "BIG" girls on the swings.

This is a classic Libby look - just chillin with her shades and her tongue out!

There were LOTS of airplanes flying over today - it was so cool to see them. I would point them out to Gram and then clap and clap! I want to fly a plane someday!

Here's Addie in her swing. Man, this girl could swing for hours!

Does it get any better than this?

Here's mom and Belle just playing with the camera. Belle likes to take pictures too. She is pretty good!

After lots of food and lots of fun - everyone had to go home to nap. I was really sad to see them all leave. I wish they lived closer!

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