Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Fun

Sneak peek of Matty Moo's costume! Sneak peek of my costume. I am SO cool - like Uncle Matt and Jack's dad - REAL firemen!
Matty loves to sit at the big table!

Sissy thinks it is pretty cool too! Both of them got their hair cut this past weekend. Dad shaved Moo Moo's head and mom layered Sissy's hair (whatever that means!)

I'm showing Sissy how to play cars. I LOVE my fire hat. I got this one from the Tolleson Fire Department. We saw them at Costco and they let me on their truck and gave us all hats!

Crouching Tigers!

Just back from church. We went to watch daddy drum on stage - isn't that SO cool? After Bible School I get to run around on stage with "my jack" - the bass player's kid. Matt and Addie must have been bad in their Bible school... they came home with ankle braclets on... I think they are on house arrest!
Here's Missy Mae all ready for a shopping day with Auntie Chris and Mommy. Matty and I got to stay home with Dad! It was SO cool!
Sometimes eating can really wear a guy out!

We got a cool box in the mail and mom made me a garage... it wasn't exactly my size!
But I squeezed in anyways! Sorry the "s" is so weird - mom's just learning her letters!
Here's a sneak peek of Addie in her costume... she is a Stinker so mom put her in my costume from last year!

Matty Moo felt left out. Addie had her costume before ours came - so mom let him try it on! He makes pretty cute stinker too! And check out that walking - like a pro!

That girl can NOT stay out of my cars! MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! Anyone?

Hello! A little technical help here... does anyone know how to delete pics? I got the WRONG one! And that is a bucket - NOT a purse!

This was our first trip to Bible School while mom went to this thing called Kate's Cup... She LOVES to go which is awesome because we get to play with kids our own age - not that we don't love to play with you mom - but you're old! Anyways - she raves about how TABLE SEVEN is the best EVER! She sits with Cousin Merry and 10 other new friends. It's good for her to get out and learn some social skills... (maybe it will help her lighten up on the time out and sharing stuff too!
Anyways - we've missed hearing from all of you! We'd love to see pics, get some e-mails or whatever... And Belle - I LOVE it when you send us pictures that you colored... man, you are really good! Tell Libby we love her pics too!

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Macho Man...

Here's sweet little Moo Moo...
But wait! Don't stop the food from coming or he turns into... Macho Man! "GIVE ME MY FOOD, WOMAN"


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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cousin Drew's Party!

This is our cousin Drew and he turned 11! We had a surprise family party here at my house for him! This is Drew and Moo Moo. Moo didn't have any smiles because he found out that there were no presents for him! Here's the cool cupcake tower we had for him. We had a Star Wars theme too! Mom let me help put the sprinkles on the cupcakes... It is SO much fun to get wild with them. It makes mom a little crazy because she has to pick them up for hours after.

I got to help with the decorations too! But, mom made me get down off the chair - she was standing on it!

This is the sign that I made for Drew all by myself. Well, except for the computer part, oh yah, and the cutting part... and the taping part.... BUT I colored it!

Here's Drew playing with Addie. She likes to growl at her baby "Ally" and then kiss her!

I love Drew so much that I will give him kisses... is this another photo that I am going to regret later?

Addie loves to play hide and seek with Auntie Wendy! She just laughs and then runs away and then charges at Auntie Wendy and laughs all over again!

Here's Sissy and "NaNa Na" as Addie calls her! Watch out Nana, she looks sweet but has a nasty bite!
Papa, Nana and Buggie girl! Addie looks like she is cooking something up! Hmmm... let's see, what should I ask them for NOW?

Check out that number! Wow - I can't wait until I'm 11~

We ended the night with some good ole fashioned wrestling! I LOVE MY COUSIN!

** On a side note... mom has been pretty busy so my posts are a little late. There will be quite a few of them in the next couple of days!

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Walks to the Park!

It is FINALLY getting nice here again so mom got out our mack daddy stroller and has started pushing us for rides to the park! Looks like we fill it out WAY better than last year! Mom is such a wimp - she complains about all the weight. The stroller is only 60 lbs... Addie is STILL shy of 20lbs... Matty Moo is about 27lbs... and I am only 36lbs now... That's only 143 lbs to push. What a WIMP!
Moo Moo LOVES to go for walks. He is always all smiles!

Crazy Addie can't keep still. Think that is why she weighs what she does. She out eats Matt every time but she is the tiniest of us all! I wish you could see her shirt - it says, "you're NOT the boss of me"... Oh Yah?

I really HATE coming back home. I just want to stay outside and play all day!

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Jack (and Jane) Came to Play...

My friend Jack came over to play yesterday. I was SO excited for him to come that I just sat on my step and waited...
That got a little boring so I decided to look out the window for him... mom didn't have the heart to tell me until later that this is a BACK window and they would be coming in the front.
I waited, and waited, and waited... I was SO excited to play with Jack.
Matt and Addie were excited too...even though you can't tell it from this picture... Check out the puzzle of limbs!
FINALLY - the doorbell rang! JACK'S HERE!
We had a ton of fun. Jack liked my elephant.
AND, he really liked my little sissy, Addie too.
I'm watching you Hayward... she's a little young for you!
Our mom's wanted to get a pic of us... we really didn't play in the Octagon much - this thing is for babies... but we wanted some of the toys that Matt and Addie had and the only way to get them out is to go and get them yourself....
Looks like sissy wanted to get in the action shot! Jack and I are both messing with the puppy stickers we got... we both put them on our arm!
Here's the REAL evidence that we had a TON of fun! Jane was here too but we don't have any pics of her yet... She must be really shy because she was in her mom's belly and didn't come out to play... Maybe she heard about how wild my sister is and was scared....

Come over again soon Jack... I had a ton of fun and promise to keep learning how to share better!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Sister the Nudist...

I had just finished going pee pee on the potty when mom and I walked past the octagon...
Mom stopped...something didn't seem right... AND then she noticed!

Addie was in the BUFF!

Playing with her toys like is was totally normal.
Poor Moo Moo was just reading a book to sissy's dolly and had NO clue that this was what was right there next to him...
She had pants and a diaper on prior to this... she didn't have a shirt on becuase mom was just cleaning up from breakfast AND she had made a complete mess... looks like mom and dad might need to invest in some duck tape... AND... looks like Matt and I better start getting more overprotective RIGHT NOW... we thought we had until she started preschool but guess we were wrong! Poor Addie - I have NO clue what it must be like to have such embarrassing pictures on the internet...

OH MY GOSH... How did THIS get on here....

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