Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter with Gram and Papa

There are a TON of pics with this post - so I will try to keep the comments small!

My cousin who I like to call Bellerina!

My cousin Libby! She does this walk when she doesn't want to seem like she is in a hurry! It is SO funny!

Trying to keep up with the girls!

Checking out the roses with Lib.

Matty Moo - he just woke up from a long nap and has the snuggly sleepy look!


My little cousin Kaleigh! She is was the youngest one here but baby Jett is the baby in our family! Maybe soon we can celebrate Easter with Jett and his BIG brother Jace!

That dad is always trying to catch me!

Good luck dad - you taught me the football hold and I am FAST!

As usual sissy was super busy - so all her pics are action shots!

What are the twins watching?

OH! They wish they were on the other side so that they could pop the bubbles Belle was blowing!

All three of the babies LOVED all the bubbles we were blowing.

Sisters walking their ducks!

Dad making twins look easy!

Some of us DID stop to smell the roses.

But some of us stuck with finding the eggs!

This was the as close as mom got all day of a pic of the three of us! Better luck next year mom!

Hope your Easter was as great as ours!
Remember: He is NOT here - for HE has RISEN!

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Easter with Nana and Papa

We had amazing plans to go to an Egg Hunt at our Nana's church the Saturday before Easter... but it was rainy. We were bummed that the plans would be ruined.

We woke up on Saturday to rain, rain, rain! But, the church still had their Easter party! We just had to dress warm!

Here we are waiting for the egg hunt to begin! They had to move it inside which was kinda a bust! It was SO easy to find the eggs on the floor. Oh well, I got a lot of candy and stickers in my eggs - so guess I was lucky to find a lot of them!

Moo was excited to search for eggs!

If you close your eyes - you can pretend they were hiding in the tall grass!

After the egg hunt we got to see the Easter bunny, do crafts and walk around! They even had REAL bunnies that you could hold! I wanted to take one home so bad - I almost had mom convinced that I NEEDED a bunny - she told me if I do good in preschool next year, she may let me get a bunny. Sorry about this shot - not sure what the kid next to me is doing...

The best part of this Easter celebration was the TRAIN! I got to ride on it twice with my mom, once with my Nana and once with my mom and my sissy and my brother! My Nana took those pictures - so we will post them when we get them!

After the church stuff we went to lunch and then back to Nana and Papa's house to open Easter Baskets... I found these "ponds" and was having so much fun jumping in them!

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Matty Moo's First REAL Haircut

As you can tell, the first real haircut did not go over really well. Matty was NOT impressed with this process and didn't even care that they had a movie on for him.
He wouldn't keep the cape on - so they had to put it on backwards!

He survived but was excited to leave. Sorry the pics aren't so great - mom was trying to calm him down while bribing Addie and I with snacks to keep quiet!

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A Day of Play

Hello! It's me again - we have been having a ton of fun just hanging out and playing.

Sometimes when we have somewhere to go in the afternoon - mom lets us run around with little on! She says it is her way of going green and saving water! Addie doesn't mind - she loves to play and sit in her chair with clothes or without them!

Nude babies make me laugh!

Yikes! Maybe I shouldn't laugh at them - they gang up on me! MOM!!!!

Just hanging around -

Let the wrestling begin!

Silly Moo Moo could not leave the camera alone! He loves to make it flash!

Sissy can be pretty silly when she wants to be too! I like to call her sissy bug because of her hair!

Well, it looks like all three of us aren't camera shy!

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Sunday BBQ

Most of you probably know that my dad is a drummer in TWO church bands... Journey - the night church - had a BBQ for everyone. My dad and his band got to play outside while the rest of us ate, played in the grass and hung out with friends.

This is Brad - he is the singer and a ton of fun to hang out with!

These plastic cups were PERFECT for digging in the dirt and covering my cars!

Sometimes I would loose track of where I hid one of my cars - but I found all of them before we left.

Some of the big kids played football but I am still too little to play with them. Luke tossed me the ball a couple of times to make me feel a part of the fun!

Addie LOVES Jeff! I wonder if Jeff's soon to be wife minds...

We had a great time at the BBQ and were a little sad when it was all over... dad said they would have another one soon!

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