Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moody Girls...

Being a BIG brother to a little brother is WAY different than being a BIG brother to a little sister... see for yourself.




And here is what you get living with a sissy...
One minute she is happy, happy, happy....

The next minute she is not sure what she is...

And within seconds ... WATCH OUT - she is MAD!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My New Year's Trip

This New Year's Mom and Dad took us up to my favorite vacation spot! I call it the Castle. It is my favorite girl's house. The picture above is of my FAVORITE girl - this is my Maddie.

Maddie has a lot of brother's and one sister. This is Dawson - he is really cool. He is really good at basketball and playing pool.

This is my good friend Colton. We had SO much fun playing together. He is into Wall-E and cars like I am - so we can play together for hours.

Mom and Auntie Ally are SUPER camera crazy. It is like having our own paparazzi in the house at all times...

On New Year's Eve Auntie Ally made the biggest Prime Beef Roast I had ever seen.
BOTH sets of the grandparents came over and all 16 of us ate and laughed all night. These are Auntie Ally's parents... they are the ones who let Baxter and Chloe come live with them!
Addie looked cute in her Princess hat but she was a little bummed that her eczema was so bad - she is a little self conscious.
The BEST part about New Year's is all the fun blow horns and the KISS! Everyone kept trying to get Maddie and I to share a New Year's kiss - when we finally did - we didn't stop kissing all night!

Man - this is the life... great food, lots of friends and family AND a great girl to kiss!

Here's Abby with her grandma... Mrs. Kathy is SO nice and loves to love on us Egglets!

Here's a rare shot of Mom and Dad... thanks Mrs. Kathy for sending it to us!

Dawson has a really cool lizard named Mrs. Nesbit. I really love her. I like to make her run and hide under her rock. I want a lizard someday too.

Wyatt is the oldest and he is WAY cool. Wyatt is really good at building forts and pirate ships. We could tear up the playroom in about 5 minutes flat!

We went to the park one day to just run around and hang out! They had this really cool bridge. I found this HUGE cattail thing and used it to dust off the bridge.

Showing the sister a little love.

Addie is hanging with the cool guys. Dawson and Dad were just chillin' in the kitchen after a LONG game of basketball!

WOW! Who scared sissy? We call her our little cockatoo... her hair just does this sometimes!

Sampson is the cutest dog ever! Abby was taking him for walks in the wagon... Wait a minute... aren't dogs supposed to walk themselves?

Just playing in the cold weather with my jump trucks!

Uncle Matt, Wyatt, Dawson and Dad LOVE to play basketball. I am not big enough to play in the real game yet - so I have to watch from the side... someday.

Just waiting for a little breakfast!

My favorite part of our Sedona trip is just hanging out in the playroom. This time it had polka dots on the walls! It is fun to just play and play and play!

Whoever made that saying "All good things must come to an end" should have kept their mouth shut! I don't want to go home...
Thanks Auntie Ally and Uncle Matt - I hope we see you again soon!

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back in Business!

Bet you were wondering where I have been! We have been really busy AND mom's computer finally broke after 11 years! Man - that thing was SO old and I didn't even know that there were WAY cooler and faster computers out there. Dad hooked us up and we are now back in business. Just a little warning - mom got a new "mack-daddy" camera for Christmas - so there are pictures and pictures and more pictures coming your way. But for now - I just wanted to get you up to speed on what we have been doing.

Matt and Addie (or Cindy Loo Hoo as we call her when her hair is like that) have graduated from the Octagon! They still have to go in there when mom cooks dinner or takes me potty - but for the most part - they are free birds now. It is really fun to play with them - but I still kinda get mad when they play with something I want. I am learning to share and mom says that we "NEVER push girls."

Even in the Octagon - A & M fight over toys... someone forgot to tell Addie that girls are supposed to play with dolls.

Matty Moo is doing great! He walks almost as good as Addie now and says a couple of more words... mostly he just says DaDa, MaMa, Dawzee (Daisy) and NaNa. He knows a little bit of sign language too - "more" is his favorite though!

Sissy thinks she is top dawg now and LOVES to sit at the table without a tray! She may be little but she has a BIG personality. Addie talks a lot too. Her favorite word to say is my name! She calls me when she can't see me. We love to run and then fall on the floor. It makes us laugh and laugh. Mom tried to teach her some sign language too - but every time she tries - Addie just says the word... funny girl! One that she did learn and LOVES to do is "dog". You pat your leg and make panting noises at the same time... she LOVES to do this over and over and over.

Speaking of dogs... Daisy got a GREAT report at the vet! They said that they had not seen a Great Dane this age who is so healthy and so energetic... mom said she would take the healthy part but would be OK if she would get a little more lazy.

We have been up to a ton! We went to Sedona for the New Years - we are back at Kate's Cup AND Bible Study ... we have had some play dates, and lots of just hanging out.... But, I really just want to play with my race cars right now - so I will have to write more later!

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