Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Visit with Ho Ho

Old St. Nicholas might be jolly - but that was just about it. Matt was the ONLY one who laughed and smiled at Santa which - if you know him - is SHOCKING... let me back up a little bit and give you the whole story behind our day.
We woke up to RAIN today! Not just the normal Phoenix sprinkle - a real all day rain storm. It is SO cold and it looks like it is going to snow! We already had plans for the day that got rained out... but I still wanted to go somewhere. At breakfast - mom asked if I wanted to go see Santa - who I call Ho Ho. I was so excited - I wanted to ask Santa to bring me a WALL-E stuffie for Christmas.

Addie got the lecture about not being greedy and asking for tons of things. Mom told us that we should only ask for one thing. She reminded us that Christmas is about the gift of Baby Jesus and not all about getting presents... (But it is kinda a cool perk that Jesus shares his birthday AND the present getting with us!)

This is how our little outing started. We called Nana and she was all about coming with us. Since it was raining and we had on our new outfits that Gram and Papa had gotten us in Illinois... mom took us to a mall far away that has covered parking.

My Nana wanted to get a calendar RIGHT BEFORE we were going into the doggie store. I called and called for her to come back so that we could go in and see the wild puppies.

This was my favorite part of the whole day!

After some shopping, some trauma and sitting on Santa's lap - we were finally ready to call it a day! This is me and my Nana.

As always - when we got home - mom did a little photo shoot of the new outfits.

Matty even took out his paci to look like a big kid.

We just hung out and played the rest of the day away.

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Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Oh my gosh, that santa picture is so priceless! They are going to love it someday!