Monday, December 15, 2008

Tommy the Elf

About two weeks ago we got a cool package in the mail. It was a book from Santa called - An Elf on the Shelf. Santa's story talks about Christmas and being good for mom and dad so that Santa will bring us a special gift on Christmas morning. Mom said that Santa is a nice man who wants to give to others like God gave to us by sending us His Son on Christmas Day. So Santa isn't the "real" reason for Christmas - but it is kinda cool that he is SO nice that he wants to give to little boys and girls who have been nice all year.
So, in the book, Santa tells us all about this elf (who was in the package) who is our very own. Santa tells us to name the elf (we named him Tommy) and look for him everyday. Each night he goes back to Santa to let him know if we had a good day or a bad day. Once day last week I had a 4 time out day - that wasn't a good report day... Each morning we have to try and find where Tommy will be hiding for the rest of the day.

He has had some pretty funny hiding places - In mom's stocking, on a picture frame, on top of mom's reindeer that we are not supposed to touch, AND in this tree! It is fun to look for him each day. I am SURE that he will have a great report for Santa this season.

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