Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt & Addie

Mom, Dad and I did some decorating cuz the twins turned TWO!!! We drew on the windows and hung the signs and streamers... Mom and I baked cupcakes and wrapped the presents....

Addie and Moo Moo seemed a little confused.... "What's all the fuss about?"

"A party for me? And Sissy too?"

Sissy was excited - just another reason to dress up and dance!

Mom even got some flowers for her birthday that made the place even more festive!

mmmmmm... don't you wish you could sink your teeth into these? Homemade vanilla cupcakes with Swiss butter cream frosting.

There was a LOT of finger licking... sissy discovered that she is JUST like mom and really only likes the frosting!

Matty Moo was trying to be polite BUT soon enough he was devouring his cupcake.

It kinda stinks that mom, Matty and Addie all got presents cuz it was their birthday - but then again I am glad I don't have to share my birthday with them... I already have to share ALL my toys!

Even Bri was excited about the cupcakes... she may be OLD and in high school now - but she is still a kid a heart!

I helped out with the gifts... someone has to play referee... AND... I felt it was my big brother duty to test them out to make sure they were safe before giving them to the babies.

We wrapped up the day hanging out and playing. Matty Moo LOVES his cousin Bri! Poor Drew wasn't able to come and celebrate because he got sick... I talked to him on the phone and was relieved that he wasn't oinking... with all this talk about the swine flu I wanted to be sure he was OK... and he was - just a little cold! The only piggie in our family so far is little Matty Moo!

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Colton JEEP Tours....

Sorry Sedona but your Pink JEEP Tours have nothing on the Colton Jeep Tours! Another first on my Sedona trip... riding in a JEEP without any parents!!!
Colton wanted to show me around his hometown - JEEP style... I have to say - he is a VERY serious driver... there was one small incident involving a plant with some purple flowers - but it will grow back!
Since I am too little to drive - Colton had me blow the train horn to warn everyone we were coming... it might not be as cool as driving but equally as important I'm sure.

Colton is normally camera shy - but when it comes to showing off his ride - he is one proud dude!
He even let me take a turn! Mom rolled her eyes cuz it reminded her of all the pics she has seen of dad and his 424 buddies in high school... my hair is MUCH cooler though!

After we rode around a while on the JEEP - we pulled out the firetruck and gave it a spin... I was just checking to make sure we had all our equipment in case there was a fire!

I am NOT kidding - this is Colton's backyard! It's almost hard to play when you have this to look at... well, maybe not hard to play - but it sure makes playing more fun!
Auntie Ally caught this picture of a Buck who comes to graze on their plants each night... I want a Buck too!!!!

There's something about Sedona that always just makes me smile!

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Coconino County Fair

While we were in Sedona - the Egglets got to go to their VERY FIRST COUNTY FAIR!!! I had no clue what to expect but was NOT disappointed!

We left right after church and drove up the Canyon into Flagstaff! As you can tell - Auntie Ally, Maddie and Abby were excited to be at the fair too!

Dad said I could go on my very first ride ALL BY MYSELF! I was so excited I could hardly wait - they had all terrain trucks, tractors, trains and lots more!

OK - this is the BEST thing ever! My very first fair ride.... Colton was the driver and he was great! Abby and Maddie sat in the back seat... us guys rode in the front to make sure they were safe!

The waiting was the hardest part... it was hard not to climb the fence!

Here I am - Noah Boy - in the caboose!

Come on Dad - PLEEEEEEASE let Colton and I play a game!

I listened to instructions VERY carefully - fishing for ducks is serious business and there were some pretty cool stuffies on the line.

Dad helped me a little with the aim - but I got 3 ducks out - on my own and won a stuffed turtle... I wish it had been a live one!

Maddie sure knows how to cheer a guy on... I am hoping that when we grow up she will think it's cool to date a younger guy...

Here's Dawson and Wyatt! They are the coolest guys ever... mom said she was going to steal them and bring them home with her - they are awesome at entertaining the twins! Addie and Matt were at the fair too - I promise - but they were so excited to see everything that mom couldn't get them to look at the camera - and who wants to see a pic of not one but TWO backs of the head?

Before we left - we walked around to see all the animals... These two piggies were being judged. I have a feeling that the one who pooped in the judging ring DIDN'T win... ick!

Yup! That's ME!!!! Look - I am riding a horse by my self! Don't let this picture fool you - my mom was right there the whole time! She just ducked so that I could show off and look cool!

My horse was named Fangs... which I didn't think was very cool - so I renamed him Cactus... hope he doesn't mind!

Here's one ride my mom WOULD NOT let me go on... Even if dad was on it with me... Maybe next year...

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Road Trip...Sedona

My mom and dad decided to load the Egglets up and head up north for some cooler weather and great friends! While we were there a BIG storm called a hurricane decided to hit the Gulf of Mexico which meant lots and lots of thunderstorms for us! I was SOOOO excited to see all this rain - mom let me skip a much needed nap to puddle jump!

There was only one problem... we don't own umbrellas OR rain boots! Good thing Auntie Ally has EVERYTHING you would ever need for rainy weather! Colton let me use his rain boots and even gave me this super cool yellow jacket!

I grabbed my favorite rat and my race car and started jumping! Check out the height on this jump!

All that jumping made me really tired... so I took a break and sat on the Castle wall....

Mom stripped me down to take me inside - but I escaped and jumped in the water the way a TRUE Phoenician does... with bare feet and NO jacket... (honestly it was still in the 90's - the jacket and boots were all for "cute" rain photos! - my mom is CRAZY!)

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Sissy Photo Shoot...

It all started in the hallway with a mostly naked sissy dawning her hat that she will NEVER wear... mom freaked and ran for the camera....

Sissy decided to work the camera and did a little runway!

Way to strike a pose! Think Dad would appreciate some clothes...

Daisy seemed a little jealous of all the attention being on sissy... Addie and Matt are ALMOST as tall as our dog now!

Mom was busy getting us boys ready for a bath when she clued in that Sissy was brushing her teeth... WITH MY TOOTHBRUSH. Mom said to chill out - she would throw them in the dishwasher.

She is such a suck up to our dentist... one toothbrush is enough Addie! And, why are you using mine in all the pics? Use your own!

There you go! That's yours sissy....

Sissy told mom she needed to "spiiiiit" so mom put her up on the counter.

Mom would call this one the money shot... she looks cute and innocent... we all know she is the WILD child!

Nope - this hat will definitely not work as a pirate hat... I had to try it out but the flower makes it all wrong!

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