Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting Ready for a Kathy Cole Photo Shoot!!!

CHEESEEEEEE! Yup - we are getting SOOOOOO excited to have family photos taken next weekend! There is nothing that excites mom more than pictures... and when they are by Kathy Cole... well, let's just say we are going to take advantage of her good mood!

We've all been practicing our most natural looking smiles... can't you tell?

Matt Moo is all grins and giggles when he sees a camera! Let's hope he is as spunky and cute when it's show time.

Sissy is not so sure about smiling... well, she smiles LOTS, it's sitting still for the camera that is super hard for her! And, we need to remember to NOT bring any snacks... who wants to see food?

Today Addie and I got to go visit Miss Summer to get our haircut! Mom cuts Moo's hair at home - so the two oldest got to get salon cuts! That's just life as the oldest ones...

Here's Missy Mae's new look... she got a sassy bob to match her spunky style! Mom was worried that she was going to move so much that she wouldn't be able to get a cut... but the Dum Dum and Miss Summer's ninja moves made it happen!

Here's the back of her hair... and check out the leg warmers Miss Summer made for sissy! Can you believe she cuts hair AND makes cool stuff? You can check out her stuff at

Sissy is already stressing about what shoes to wear for the photo shoot... I hate to tell her that when it is something as serious as a Kathy Cole session... mom would NEVER let her dress herself!

She's pretty set on this particular pair of pink sandals but when she finds out mom is going to let her wear her boots she is going to be sooooooo excited! Check back soon for a sneak peak or check out Kathy's blog at

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Big Kid Beds!

Yup! You read that right - the twinkies are now in BIG KID BEDS just like me! Matty Moo wasn't too sure about the beds on the floor... he cried and said, "Where's my crib?" Sissy wasn't phased at all - she just jumped in bed and smiled! Matty Moo needed some coaxing... I even let him use my rat for the day!

Ummmm.... this ISN'T looking very promising! Matty Moo you are supposed to be going INTO bed not out of it...

There you go Moo - that's right - get in bed... now lay down!

Mom let me camp outside their room in the hall with her and watch the babies on their video monitor.... About 20 minutes into the first day - mom snuck in and got a picture of Sissy sleeping in her bed! She never even got out once!

About 40 minutes into the first day - mom snuck in to get a pic of Matty Moo on his bed ASLEEP.... she had to go in MANY times to remind him that he needed to go to bed and STAY there.... Dad was out of town at the Dallas Cowboys game and mom really wanted to get them all settled in their bed before he got home.... I was starting to wonder if that was going to happen!

Oh No! Looks like night #1 isn't starting off to a good start - Matty Moo - this is Sissy's bed... not yours!

There you go Matty Moo - this is YOUR bed! Mom read books and then laid down the law... you can talk and sing but you CAN NOT GET OUT OF BED!

Sissy was super excited - mom had a surprise for their first night in new beds! She painted glow in the dark stars above their beds... Matt has the Big Dipper and the Milky Way.... Sissy has a star made out of starts, some shooting stars (cuz she is a ball of fire like a shooting start) and the letter A made out of stars... sissy loves her letters!

After 7 minutes of singing songs and counting back and forth - it got VERY quiet... so mom snuck in and this is what she saw.... a sleeping sissy! AND...

A sleeping Moo! She was too afraid to move him - so he slept like this ALL night. Mom was shocked at how well they transitioned to BIG KID BEDS... day two and three were much the same. Keep checking back to see their new beds that will be in coming in about a week! AND... mom's friend is hand painting Thing1 and Thing 2 signs to hang over their beds!

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Brotherly Love

Matty Moo could sense me coming... He was super afraid I was going to swipe the cars he was playing with... but I had something else in mind!


Lots and lots of . . . HUGS!

Looks like Moo got into the spirit himself - instead of bites...
he doled out the smooches!

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Fall is FINALLY Here...

The weather is finally getting a little cooler so we have been on the move and outside a lot more! Here are the three of us at the Wildlife Zoo... it is one of our favorite places to go! As members we can go as often as we like!

Can you guess what I am looking at?

Yup flamingos! I love to stand just like they do - but - I don't think I am going to eat so much shrimp that my skin turns pink!

This turtle was a lot faster than I thought turtles were supposed to be! He was fun to watch!

Leaving is always hard... but knowing we can come back anytime makes it a little easier.

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Belated Celebrations!

The Egglets don't mind celebrating their birthdays ... no matter what month of the year it is! Auntie Penny, Chris AND Julian came over for some birthday fun! Sissy LOVED to sit on Auntie Penny's lap... but she was quick to get away too.
Looks like Julian liked my shaved head so much that he followed! Can you believe that my mom used to watch these guys when they were really little like us?

Chris liked our cell phone as much as we did. Matty Moo would NOT leave Chris' side!

Every once in a while Auntie Penny would sneak in a hug from Matty Moo - but he would be RIGHT back in Chris' lap.

Chris was teasing Addie that she was stinky. She thought this was the BEST game.

Someday I hope I am as tall and as cool as these guys!

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