Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Walk in the Park

Can you believe that this lake is right near our house? Not kidding... It's a private lake that we like to visit often... mom says we need to look like we live here .... cuz we don't!

We come because their ducks are super hungry! Seriously - whenever we go they follow us all around and beg us for our scraps!

It's fun to head out here on cool days... it's kinda windy off the lake so I had to wear my jacket from my best friend Colton and my lucky hat. I love this hat so much that sometimes I sleep with it!

Matty Moo loves the lake but on this trip mom said we were walking around the WHOLE thing. I don't know what he was worried about - he's in the stroller... but hey - I was booted out of the stroller when I was 16 months old - so I was up for the challenge.

Mom didn't know that it was over a mile walk... so we stopped and took breaks every so often! I think I could have done the whole thing but mom was worried that my legs were getting tired!

I had fun playing and running in the leaves, chasing birds and just being silly! I love to come here ... it's one of my new favorite spots.

Taking long walks with my family is lots of fun. And, Sissy loves it when I hold her hand!

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Colorful Creations....

Can you tell what I am building?

Almost finished!

Tah - Duh! If you guessed a crane - you are RIGHT! (Mom's friend Kate thought it looked like I spelled Moo - for Matty Moo.... guess I am more talented than I even knew! I made a crane that spells Moo!) I LOVE to build lots of things.... sometimes my mom is SHOCKED at what I can make.... I love this one cuz it has LOTS of colors... I thought it was pretty cool - until I looked out the window and saw...

YUP! Looks like God is pretty good at making things with lots of colors too!

This was a HUGE rainbow! We could see the WHOLE thing... there is only ONE thing better than a HUGE rainbow....

A double rainbow!!!! Can you see it? I love how the colors are opposite from each other.... it's hard to see in the pictures... but we could totally see it from our backyard... we were all a little sad when it disappeared with the sunset... I hope it rains again soon so that we can get another rainbow!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gold Kisses

On Wednesdays our mom has Bible Study ... Addie still can't go cuz of her Asthma...but Matty Moo and I get to go. Addie gets some girlie time with Nana. Today after a LONG nap - mom moved our picnic table into the family room and let us eat Goldfish and Milk while we watched my new favorite movie - The Fox and the Hound...

We were all pretty excited about being allowed to eat a snack at our table for the first time... so we were toasting to the occasion!

mmmmmmm.... as you can tell we were WAY more into our snack than into getting our picture taken!

Matty sure did miss sissy today. It's the first time Matty ever went somewhere like this without her! He cried the WHOLE was to Bible Study... but as soon as we got there - he was fine. BUT, when we got back in the truck - he said, "We go get Sissy!"...

In fact, I missed her too! We couldn't give our sissy enough kisses... she got tired and crawled out under the table! Mom says we have to be careful or we are going to create a spoiled Princess!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silly Sissy and her Hat!

Sissy... you look SUPER excited.... are you excited about your NEW HAT?

Guess she is! She LOVES her new "pony tail" hat custom made for her by Miss Sonia at Milk Money!

A girl HAS to have a "pony tail" hat to live in! We have to pry it off her head for nap and bedtime... Silly Sissy! Thanks Miss Sonia for making this ADORABLE hat for our sissy... We can't wait until we ALL have these great hats! Go check out Miss Sonia's store and tell her how much you love her hats! Let her know that the Egglets sent you!

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Sweet Moments...

Sweet Moments like these make me smile...

Mom says it's the sweet moments like these that make her heart melt...

There is NOTHING better than being a big brother!

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Sissy Learns to "Big Girl" Swing!!!

"Ummmm, excuse me Matt but are you going to be long... I really, really, really want to swing!" Our sissy bug loves to swing... but Matty Moo didn't want to get off.... mom said she needed to be patient and wait her turn!

She got tired of waiting and decided to give my swing a try. She started getting a little mad... mom said she would not push her until she figured out on her own how to hold on and sway back and forth.

"hmmmmmm, how DO I do this? What do you mean pump my legs back and forth AND still hold on at the same time.... this is complicated!"

After a few tumbles on her tush... she started to get the hang of it.... and as you can see was SUPER proud of herself!

Lean forward....

And back.... forward and back....

LOOK who's swinging by herself!!!

Matty decided that he did NOT want to be in the "baby" swing...

And sissy wasn't too sure she was ready to let him have a turn on the swing... after all he didn't let her swing on his swing... that's how this whole adventure started!

I don't think we have to worry too much about sharing the big kid swing with Matt... he's got a LONG way to go!

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Spring is in the Air!

Yup, you read that right... it's like Spring is already here and we are playing outside EVERY day for hours!
The babies have mastered the slides and LOVE to go down them!

Matty Moo is just like his big brother and NEVER goes anywhere without his cars! Hey wait a minute - I think he has one of MY cars!

We are even getting better at the swings... Matty likes to go SUPER high!

Sissy and I love to search for the "pretty princess" rocks... she has a collection in a bucket. They are white and kinda clear like diamonds! When I find them - I show them to her and she says yes or no and then we add them to her collection. She is kinda picky! (I think she just likes to be in control!)

We've been practicing our game we called Soccer Bat... and are getting pretty good!

Looks like this bunt just might get me to first. I forget to drop the bat and take it with me to the base.

Matty Moo is our serious little dude! He keeps us smiling all the time. He recently decided that he is a big boy like me and likes to pee pee in the potty... not all the time, but he will tell mom when he needs to go... sissy's not sure she is ready yet... Mom said Potty Boot Camp will be coming in the Spring! Matty Moo also always gives fun names to things.. Like he calls our Papa... Gram's Papa... (we have Nana and Papa and Gram and Papa - guess he just wants to make sure that we know which Papa he is talking about). He LOVES to talk on the phone and will ask to call his favorite people all the time! Mom tries to get him to use our play phones but he is NOT dumb and makes her get the real one!

Sissy is getting really good at dribbling the ball across the field. Mom said I get to play soccer on a real team soon but I think Addie thought she meant that she got to. Daisy likes to try to steal the ball... Those girls LOVE to play ball together.

We would LOVE to have you come and play in the Egglet Park (in our backyard)! Mom still isn't that comfortable with real parks since we GREATLY outnumber her! Let us know when you can come play!

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