Friday, March 27, 2009

A New Cousin!

I have a new cousin! His name is Jett. I don't understand it all but mom told me he had to have surgery on his birth day~ he may have to be in the hospital for a long, long, time.

Mom said that the best thing we can do is pray for little Jett and his family. My mom made this button for my blog to help me remember to pray... if you want one for your blog so that you remember to pray for Baby Jett - just leave me a comment and let me know!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Amazing Email!!!!

Each morning my mom checks her emails while we eat breakfast. Today - I got a really special email message! Look at what was sent to me:


Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time at Luke's Thunder in the Desert! We appreciate hearing comments like yours because it makes the months of planning and preparation worth it. See you at the 2011 show.

Justin R. Oakes
Public Affairs Officer
Luke Air Force Base

Can you believe that I got a real message from someone at Luke Air Force Base? This makes my day at the Air Show even better!!!! Not only do they fight for our country and protect our rights - they are nice people who care enough to write emails!

Officer Oakes - I will be there in 2011! Hope to meet you there!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Thunder in the Desert!

This weekend mom and dad took me on a "date day". We left the babies at home and went to breakfast and then to the Air Show at Luke Air Force Base!

There were so many cool things to watch! The C-5 did this really cool airshow! That is a HUGE plane!

Dad and I sat in a real rescue helicopter!

And the Pink Firetruck was there! This firetruck is so special - it helps raise money to fight breast cancer! I love it even more cuz my Nana had this nasty disease and I don't want her to get it again!

When you see this pink ribbon - check out what they are doing - it means they are trying to find a cure!

Check out how close we were to the C-5 when it landed!

The Thunderbirds did all sorts of cool tricks. They had smoke coming out the back of them to show you how much they flip around.

LOOK! Who knew the firetrucks were going to be at the air show! It is a good thing they were there - they even had HUGE explosions! I was a little freaked out at first - but the farther we walked away from them - the more I liked the booms!

The Air Force has their own special firetrucks! It looks like a firetruck mixed with a tank! So cool.

Doesn't this look like a fake picture? The Budweiser Horses were there too!

Check out that maneuver! I had to pull my shades down to watch this one!

They even had a RACE CAR! Could this day have been any cooler

I was standing on the middle of a landing "X" here... mom thought it was funny that I hung my glasses on the back of my shirt - just like my dad does! You should come next year - this was the coolest thing EVER! It was really cool to see all the men and women who protect us each and every day!

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Bri's Game Night

Well, it's that time again - Softball Season has begun! We went to watch Bri in her first game of the season - I think it was a practice game but it was a ton of fun! Mom always gets us a Happy Meal on the way - we eat and watch! And of course - I always have to bring my cars!

Bri is the one in the black. She is a really LOUD cheer girl! They yell and make up songs to chant when their team is up to bat! Bri is the catcher when they are on the field. She is really good. Mom says she is like Tiger on Winnie the Pooh because she jumps all over the place to stop the ball!

I sat on Auntie Wendy's lap for some of the game.

Here's Bri on 3rd base - about to score!!!

I sat with Papa some of the game too. Papa was teaching me the rules of the game!

Matty Moo was great at the game - he sits in the stroller by Nana the WHOLE time - he eats and watches... Addie on the other hand is up and down and all over the place! Mom got a workout chasing her around!

Playing in the Yard!

A big attitude from a little dude! We have been playing outside a ton lately - the weather is perfect and mom discovered that we LOVE the octagon in the grass!

See it's perfect - it keeps A & M from eating the rocks and keeps them away from my stuff too! She lets them out one at a time so that she can chase them all over the yard and watch what they are eating!

Here they are comparing softballs... they were the same but they always have to find something to fight about!

I love to play with my cars and the rocks on the slide!

Addie loves to pull the wagon around in the grass... OK mom - could her bow be ANY bigger? She really does look like Cindy Loo Hoo in this picture!

This is my mini cooper - as I like to call it... I love spring!

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Spring Break!

My cousins had Spring Break this week - so we all went to the park!

Matty and Addie love being in my wagon! Can't you tell?

Bri is our Oldest cousin and she is really cool! She always knows how to get Matty Moo to smile!

And she LOVES to be all gushy and gives me hugs all the time!

Drew and I ran around and chased the birds... this is my dad's favorite thing to do too!

Addie brought her purse with us... she may be a rough and tumble little girl - but she likes to look cute while being so tough!

All that playing made us all hungry! Nana took us to Peter Piper Pizza - Drew and I played and played!

I even got to ride a tractor!

Climbing some more... who needs pizza when you have all this stuff to do?

Mom had to take this picture when we got home! Addie had a white dress on and she is SO messy when she eats - so she was stripped down to her Princess Addie bloomers and she STILL got pizza on her pants!

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Well, here is a pic of the twins... It is rare to get a picture of the two of them at the same time where they are both looking at the camera... now, we just have to work on them looking at the camera AND smiling! Matt & Addie are the same age I was when mom and dad brought them home. I was holding my breath - trying to see if two more were going to come - but it looks like we are in the clear! Looks like I am only going to have one brother and one sister! Whew!

Matty Moo was happy to be the center of attention! He loves to smile and wave.

Addie Mae is our drama queen. One minute she is silly and smiling and the next a seriously little smirk... funny girl.

Tubby Time! Addie LOVES to play in the tubby and mom managed to get a shot that was not TOO embarrassing!

Moo was so excited about playing with my whale that he would NOT look at mom! He is quite the splasher.

Don't let this innocent picture fool you... these two are wild animals! It is really cool to have not one but TWO little people in my house!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't Take Toys from Matty...

My mom has been telling me to share with my brother and sister for some time. But, they were MY toys first AND I am bigger... so sometimes I don't listen so well...

I tried to overpower Matty Moo the other day - he had a car I just had to have.

I pulled him down and he landed in my lap. I got the toy and that is when I felt the WORST pain in my leg. I started SCREAMING and mom rushed to the rescue...

BUT, I was left with a BAD bite! Yup, Moo Moo is now Crock! He is a chomper!

Mom took me to see the jets and it worked to get my mind off the pain! I just kept telling her that it was broken!

Here is a close up of my bite! Good thing I had pants on at the time! Moo Moo got in BIG trouble and mom told me that I needed to share better too... Mom told Moo that he needs to use his words and NOT his teeth.
I learned that he may be smaller than me but he is NOT to be messed with! Addie is so much easier to pick on - she is so hyper that she just moves on to something else! I will stick with picking on her from now on!

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