Saturday, May 30, 2009

Role Model...

Dad - we want to be JUST LIKE YOU when we grow up!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

The PERFECT Friday Night!

Tonight we decided to have a BBQ! I was SO excited and sissy cried from the moment that I went outside until she got her own shoes on and was able to join me... she LOVES to be outside!

Matty Moo didn't have any shoes downstairs so he had to use my old sandals... he was a little shocked trying to walk in shoes that were too big but he managed to do just fine!

Sissy is always so happy to be outside... She is taking after me and likes to point out all the airplanes in the sky. She laughs and claps when they go over. If she shows them to me first I tell her, "Good eye sissy!"

This was the scene over our back fence as we sat down to dinner... dad grilled hamburgers and sweet corn on the cob. Mom made sweet potato fries and baked beans. I was so happy to be playing outside that I hardly ate anything!

I even wore Daisy out chasing her all over the place with my mini cooper. She had to go inside when it was dinner time... she can eat off our plates without even lifting her chin - so mom felt the food was safer if she was in the house.

Check out the hair on this kid... we don't know what to do with his hair - if it is short it sticks straight up in the back - no matter WHAT gel you use... if it is long - it sticks straight up in the back... think mom is going to have to keep his hair short which will make dad happy... she likes to keep my hair long cuz I have lots of curls!

After dinner mom dunked us in the tub while dad and daisy did the clean up. I was really hot and sweaty after running around so much! Hey - check out my cup! I LOVE to drink out of straw cups now. My cousin Belle Belle drinks out of straw cups all the time and I told mom I wanted straw cups just like her!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday, Sunday...

Watch Out! There are THREE drivers in this house! We LOVE to zoom around on our cars! I have to wrestle Matty Moo for the Hummer - looks like all the boys in the house love Hummers! President Obama better makes sure that his new plan to make all cars get 41 mpg includes extra safe SUV's like Hummers!

Sissy had to put on a driving hat... Driving a convertible can be hazardous... you can get sunburns! AND, the hat helps keep her hair in place!

Busted - You caught me texting while driving! Don't tell the police - they would give me a ticket!

Looks like Tow Mater has some engine problems... Matty Moo knows just how to fix it.

Racing my brother... I am really, really fast but I let him win every once in a while. If I always win he might stop racing me!

This is our other favorite thing to do right now - we like to sit in our chairs and hop up and down... sissy never stopped long enough to try it... until today!

Man, she's good! She got the hang of it really fast... it makes mom laugh and laugh.

TRAINS! My mom and dad set up my train all over our family room. Daisy has to be really careful when she goes outside not to mess it up!

Up and over... hours of entertainment!

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My 3rd Birthday Party!

Since we were in Texas on my actual birthday - we delayed my family party until this weekend! I had a Thomas the Train Party at Peter Piper Pizza! Check out my cake - it is actually cupcakes all pushed together to look like a cake...

Here's my pizza faced sissy! She is a MESSY eater!

Matty Moo had a blast playing Peek-A-Boo with Bri.

Gram, Drew and I found a fun game where you shoot water! It was sooo cool... the only bummer was you couldn't shoot people. Now, that would have been fun!

We had a ton of fun! We had a really long table and we all had pizza, soda and cupcakes... that is my kind of menu.

Presents! Mom got a little miffed at me cuz I didn't want to open gifts... I just wanted to get down and play. I did open them all and I got really cool new things! I got my first real train set from Gram and Papa and Auntie Chris and Uncle Jake got me some train cars too. I even got a race cars AND a gift card from my auntie Wendy, Bri and Drew that I am going to use to get a new building for my trains! Thanks to everyone for all my gifts! WOW - I have lots of fun stuff to play with now!

My Nana quilted me these play scenes - you play with cars and airplanes on them... I actually slept with one of them at nap time too...

Hey, wait a minute... it's not their birthday! Nah, it's OK - it was really neat that they babies got some gifts of their own too! Lots of the toys I are chokers for little ones - so I can't share them...DARN.

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My Cousin Graduated....

Here's Bri! She graduated from 8th grade this past week... well, they call it a promotion but my mom says she's not sure everyone would call high school a promotion! Bri looked like a rock star princess!

As soon as it started - I started flipping out. I thought it was going to have loud explosions like the circus... so mom took me out and we waited for my dad to get there so that she could go back inside and watch. The baby Egglets stayed home with Miss Kacie. Mom said next time I will too! Mom says I look like I was waiting to catch a train.

This was the way to do a graduation... all I could hear was blah, blah, blah - boring... at least this way I got to play with my cars!

Bri has TONS of friends! She asked my mom to follow her around and get pics of her with all her friends... BORING.

Here's one of Auntie Wendy and Bri... Bri is almost as tall as her mom.

While mom was taking all the pics - Dad, Drew and I found a can of silly string and we shot it all over the place... way better than taking pictures.

Someone actually got the camera away from my mom and took her photo with Bri.

When it was time to head to the party - I grabbed my pak-pak and made my way back to our truck... I was SO excited for the cake at the party!

At the party - Nana got Bri a Princess crown... she loved it and wore it the WHOLE night. Here's Bri and Papa.

Here's Nana, Papa and Bri... do you see that crazy guy in the background - that's my dad. He is always messing around - that is what makes him so fun.

At Nana's they had a HUGE bowl of M&M's! My mom caught me helping myself - she didn't know how long I had been there or how many I had eaten... and I'm NOT telling!

This is Bri and her Uncle Eric - man they look alike. I thought he was REALLY cool cuz he had cowboy boots just like me. He had a hat too - wow - a real live cowboy at her party - cool!

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This week we had some of mom's friends over for some food and fun! Both of mom's friends have babies that are about 7 months old... they are 3 weeks apart but it reminded me of when we had two little babies here in our house!

This is Hannah... she is really cute and really strong! I was a little worried that she was going to start crawling while she was at our house! She is moving very soon and my mom is sad.

Here's Miss Melissa! She is Hannah's mommy. Miss Melissa and my mommy used to work together - now they are both jobless... well, kinda!

This is Huntington! He is a real ham. He LOVED to smile at the camera. AND, he wasn't so sure of Hannah taking his toys!

This is Huntington's mom Miss Jill. She makes me laugh! Miss Jill is married to Mr. Ant who mom used to work with. They are moving too but not as far away so we will get to see Huntington again! Maybe when Hannah comes to visit her grandparents - we can all get together again!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

An "Extra" Ordinary Day...

Today started much like every other day... playing with my brother in our PJ's in the playroom... A great start to an "extra"-ordinary day.

It continued through breakfast, some more play time, lunch, then nap time... And as always I get to run in the Egglets room and yell, "Wake up Babies!" Matty Moo almost always gives me this face... guess he doesn't always like to wake up from his nap.

Then our BIG dog always comes in and watches the bus drop off the kids. She always growls and sometimes barks because our neighbor's mom always brings their dog - who is also named Daisy - to meet the bus.

Then we always have a bath before we go back downstairs for dinner! Matty Moo and I have become BEST FRIENDS... dad says you have to watch out for the two of us - we love to clown around and make each other laugh and squeal.

Sorry Sissy - we love you too but it's a special BROTHER'S ONLY club!

And it ended up like most days do... Mom gets in the mood for some crazy photos and after bathing AND getting into our PJ's - mom let Addie get in her new puffy skirt from Canton, TX. She also got to sport her patten leather Vans... not kidding! It is kinda cloudy and about to rain here - which mom says is the perfect time to get some summer shots outside~!

There aren't many pics of this girl! She is BUSY and LOVES to be outside... but at least when we look at pictures when we are all grown up - it will show us how we REALLY were! Every day here is "extra" ordinary! It is the same ole, same ole with a few new twists and LOTS of laughs! I hope you have an "extra" ordinary day too!

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