Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas in November!

While our cousins were in town for Thanksgiving - we also got to celebrate Christmas with them! So we got all dressed up and tore into some really cool gifts! Here is Addie all dressed up and smiles in a dress from Auntie Whit. What a ham!

Man, look at this little guy. He looks like a stud in his tie!

And here I am - not too shabby myself! I normally wouldn't go for ties but this one has race cars all over it!

In between the time that mom got us all ready and then loaded in the car - Matt & Addie had a little scrap and looks like Moo Moo lost AGAIN! Poor thing lost the tug of war over a ring and fell - busting his lip open for the second time in one week... Mom was frantic. I thought she had lost it - it was ONLY a busted lip. She was muttering something about his ONLY white shirt and TONS of blood. She scooped him up so fast and held him like superman. Within 10 mins we were loaded in the truck and there was NOT a drop of blood on Moo's shirt. And I thought she was concerned about the little guy...

When we got to Gram's they were all ready to open presents and take some Christmas pics. Here is Libby in her Christmas outfit!

Belle was playing and making a tower of cheese... she would come up to you and ask you, "Would you like some cheese?" I thought it was funny.

"No, that is stinky blue cheese. None for me thank you." Addie is a a bit of a cheese snob.

Just before it was time to get down to business - Gram and Auntie Whit played some carols on the piano... The three of us tried to steal the spotlight but they managed to play around us!

My dad is always Santa and passes out all the gifts - but he wanted me to do it this year. It just didn't feel right - so I passed the hat back.

Here it is - just like it should be.

Addie got a Mittens from the movie BOLT and loved it! She played with it for a half hour straight and if you know Addie - she doesn't sit that still for anything!

Here's Belle in her light up necklace and bracelet!

I thought it was pretty cool but could not figure out how it was lighting up!

Belle, Libby and Addie all got matching tutus... here are the big girls rockin out!

Here are the three girls... that Addie is trying to steal the spotlight - looks like it is in the Egglet blood to be a camera hog!

A nice lady came over to take our pic - and that is NOT an easy thing to capture with all these adults. Man, it is SO hard to get them to look at the camera and smile... we will keep working on them - maybe next year they will cooperate more.

The Egglet Family - You can tell our personalities just from this pic! Dad and Matty Moo are the chill - laid back type. Addie and I are the movers and shakers and mom is the control freak - see her holding me back?

And here are my cousins and my auntie and uncle!

And, here is Belle showing off her creation. She and Gram made this gingerbread house - all covered in yummy frosting and candy... what I would do to get my hands on that! mmmmmmmmm

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