Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pete's Back!!!

Look really close.... do you see him?

I think Pete got scared by some new plants that mom had planted outside our kitchen window... but he must be used to him cuz he's back!!! He has some new colors on his back and belly. Mom said he shed his old skin when I think is pretty creepy gross... but I sure am glad our lizard's back! We left him some apples and strawberries the other day so that he would get used to his home looking different! He gulped them right up while we watched!

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Summer Days...

Nothing's better than a lazy summer day!

Well, OK - just kidding... there's no LAZY over at our house! There is only wild playing!!!

Here's proof that I try to be a good big brother SOMETIMES... please notice that my baby brother is about to take a BITE out of my hand...

Once he saw that I didn't have anything up my sleeve - he actually let me kiss him... why does it look like he is cowering away?

A rare moment where Missy Mae is actually sitting still! She's reading my tractor book... Matt and I are determined to make her a cool girl!

Those eyes are the reason she can get away with ANYTHING with dad!

Here's Matty Moo supervising the clean up process.... he only thinks he's getting away with this!

Now, where in the world did sissy hide my race car?

Ahhhh, found it!
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Cowboys S~T~I~N~K!

We're practicing for football season... Go Cardinals!!!

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Early Birthday....

Imagine my surprise when I got up from my nap yesterday to see ....

Matty Moo at a new kitchen in our playroom! Whoo Hoo! The twins got a kitchen from Gram and Papa for their second birthday! The biggest surprise was that it is about two weeks early!

Mom and Dad let Matty and Addie play with it for a while before I got my hands on it... to be fair. I guess it is their gift... Matty was showing me all the buttons and how to work the microwave....

Guess he doesn't really trust me too much... he kept his hand on me the whole time we played!

It's fun to make microwave popcorn with my brother! He wanted to make the pizza rolls but I was in control!

My mom said this was typical of a boy! Hugging my favorite part - the frig!

First thing we did today after breakfast was play with our kitchen! It is SO much fun.

Sissy literally had to drag me away from the frig!

Here's sissy making hot wheels soup! Man, she is a great cook!

OH NO! Looks like we have a rat problem in the kitchen! I will have to take care of this as soon as possible!

My mom says that I must have gotten the cart tipping gene from my dad! Watch out Cousin Avery or I could give you a matching scar!

We took some time out to have a little dance contest... sissy won fair and square - Little Miss Thang can dance!

Matty Moo is SUCH a talker... he takes after our dad... ha ha... just kidding ... he takes after our mom!

Matty was having trouble getting his Hummer hatch open so sissy tried to lend a hand....

Well, we have too much to play with for me to spend all day on the computer... Mom has some more pics and some new videos that will be posted soon! AND~ we may be visiting our Auntie Ally in Sedona really soon - so watch for some great pics from Sedona!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009


I thought you might like to see my sissy talking a little....
she might not say it right but we think it sounds cuter like this...
There will be more posts soon. We have been staying inside lots cuz it is SO hot.
But, tomorrow we will be painting, baking and going to the gym - so there should be some new pics soon!

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Dad's Back!

Our dad just got back from a weekend trip back to Texas! He met up with four of his best friend that he has known since 5th grade! They went to his Church Youth Group Reunion! I don't think I need to say too much about all the pics - you will be able to tell for yourself that we were SO glad that our dad is back home!

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Happy Birthday Nana...

You're HOW OLD?!? Wow, I thought nana's were like 100 or something! You are young nana! Now, back off my cupcake!
Matty Moo really, really, liked the cupcakes too! My mom and I made them from scratch. I got to read the directions to my mom and she did all the mixing. Mom laughed at me when I was reading the directions. I got a little confused and told her that the Bible says to add two french fries... when she asked me - "the Bible or the cookbook?" I said - "the Bible mom - it knows everything!"

Here's Bri and her cupcake... she probably won't like this picture - she started high school now and is all about impressing the guys!

Drew was shocked that I helped with the cupcakes. I promise I didn't like the spoon or bowl. Well, maybe I did BUT it was when we were cleaning up!

Matty Moo loves Papa but think he was a little worried that Papa was going in for his cupcake!

Sissy is nicer - she shared her cupcake with Papa!

I was pretty excited that Nana loved her rocking chair and cupcakes we brought for her!

Here is Nana trying out her new rocker with a VERY squirmy Addie... All Addie wanted to do was get down and play!

Here's the birthday girl with all five grand kids! (L - R) Addie, Andrew, Nana, Me, Bri and Matty Moo!

And, last but not least - here is a little video Moo Moo made for Nana's birthday!