Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tubs and Tubs...

Matty Moo has been so bored with Addie on "restriction" from the playroom because of her Asthma that he is starting to get very creative with where he plays! Mom found him in this bucket having the best time! Looks like Matty Moo likes to have friends around!

Trying to find a way OUT....

Finally, he just plopped down and played!

Mom announced it was time for another kind of tub... Matty looks like he needs some help. And no Matt, you can't take that duck into the other tub!

Sissy isn't always thrilled at having to share the tub with BOTH of us at the same time. It is getting a little crowded now AND I think she worries that I might leave a surprise like I did in Texas...

But I PROMISE - that is behind me! Sometimes my mom can take the MOST embarrassing pictures.... This is the stinky end of Matty Moo and I. Mom said she had to take it for Auntie Ally!

Addie works really hard making sure all her babies get clean in the tub.

And Matty Moo has discovered he likes to eat the bubbles... come on, what doesn't this kid eat?

Here we are getting all soaped up for a final rinse before what mom calls the "bath time madness" begins. The babies like to have a bubblehawk just like me!

After bath time our dog Daisy likes to drink from the sink! It makes us laugh and laugh! She doesn't even have to use a stool to reach it like we do!

After bath time we each scrub our teeth! I like to brush my teeth and spit in the sink!

Mom makes us brush for TWO minutes... do you know how LONG two minutes is?!? I get so tired sometimes that I have to sit down.

We're all clean and dressed for bed. I get to stay up and play for 10 extra minutes while the parents put the babies to bed! Here's my favorite jet that I like to play with! I have to go to bed soon though because I have my final swim lesson tomorrow!
Nite, Nite!

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A Visit From MORE Cousins!

I bet our Aunt Rita and cousin Avery are wondering why they came to AZ in the hottest week of July EVER! We sure are glad they came! We hung out and ate Mexican food before heading over to feed Clyde the camel. (I swear I am NOT making this up!) Here's Addie Mae and Avery! I think Addie and Avery are going to be GREAT friends someday! Addie loved Avery's necklace and mom says she will love, love, love Avery's taste in shoes and purses! Girl stuff...

Here's me, Gram and Avery... and LOOK - I told you I was not making it up - here is Clyde the camel!

Can't leave out Matty Moo! Dad even got a pic of he an mom... it is rare to get mom in a pic!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Old MacDonald...

Here's a video of my brother singing his favorite song! Mom took this with her phone so it is kinda hard to see.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Before ... And After

In a matter of minutes I went from this to...

THIS! Isn't my new haircut SUPER cool? Dad cut my hair into a Mohawk for the rest of the summer... I think I have to grown it "normal" for preschool... but for now it is SUPER fun. Mom said it made me look 3 years old....

Here's a side view of the before....

And the after!

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Sissy's Day Out...

Here's little sissy on her special day out with mom... well, kinda special but I bet she wishes that she spent it at the mall instead of at the hospital! Yep, Addie's Asthma is back and she was having such a hard time that she had to go to the hospital!

After being the toughest patient of the morning... she finally warmed up to the new pediatric emergency facility at Thunderbird Hospital... my mom said it was super cool. They even gave Addie her very own stuffed whale to take home!
Addie showed all the nurses how many words she knows by doing her flash cards and flipping through her photo books...

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

That Sissy!

We went to a SUPER Target today to meet up with my mommy's friend Amy... dad says she is a BAD influence and my mom might not get to shop with her any more...
Anyways, it was SUPER far away and sissy fell asleep on the way back. The 45 minute drive must have been a nap enough because instead of sleeping at nap time - she kept trying to climb out of her crib...
Looks like she finally got released from captivity AND got to eat some of our summer Oreos with blue icing...
I can only say one thing....

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Dah, Dah, Duh.... A Trip to the Dentist!

OK - is that not the coolest thing ever? They had my name on the board! I was a little nervous but the set-up was awesome - tons of toys, movie theater seats....

AND... lots of strange tools to clean your teeth... OK, I am not so sure of this place... BUT... my mom didn't even know it - but our next door neighbor Miss Karen works here... small world. Miss Karen actually cleaned my teeth... that was pretty cool!

In the end, after some pretty clean teeth... a GREAT report... a sticker... a toothbrush... some ice cream flavored toothpaste... and a snake - I was sure this place was OK.

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A Nana Day...

Nana came over to play this week so that our mom could get some stuff done... I don't know what she can't get done when we are with her - but we love it when Nana comes to play!

Nana and Matty Moo are plotting something - I can tell! Those two shouldn't keep secrets!

And here's sissy bug with Nana... I can't believe Nana got her to sit still long enough for a picture! Thanks Nana for coming over - mom is always in a better mood when you come for a while!

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Jack and Jane...

This is Jack... He is my friend. He and his sissy Jane came over to play! Man, you should have seen the house when all 5 of us were through playing! You could tell we had some SERIOUS fun!

Poor Baby Jane. Not long after she came - they put her down for a nap... I would cry too Jane - that is just NOT fair. But soon enough you can ditch that morning nap and hang with us big kids the WHOLE time!

We had tons of fun and Jack loved to hop on our chairs just like we do... Jack is super tall and can jump WAY higher than I can!

Here's little Jane after a nap and a snack! She is SOOOO little. I don't remember my babies being this little.

As the time wore down... so did we! I took a 3 hour nap after Jack left - see ya next month Jack!

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Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm sad tonight. My cousins Belle Belle and Libby are going back home... we had a great time at lunch today at Chili's... they even have a GIANT Chili outside. Belle Belle and Libby brought me a kitty cat named Patches. I told mom tonight that I needed to sleep with Patches cuz Belle Belle is sad. Mom asked me why Belle Belle was sad and I told her because they miss me already!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some More July Fun!

Another day in the sun and you guessed it... sissy is wearing ANOTHER swim suit! Man, this girl has too many suits! She is the hand-me-down fashion queen!

I don't believe my eyes! My lizard Pete is hanging out on the wall watching us... he is pretty cool but I really hope he doesn't join us. I think my mom and sissy would scream!

Matty Moo is more into throwing the balls out of the octagon than he is in playing in the water... he can have our parents chasing the balls ALL DAY!

OK - I have an idea - you distract and sissy and I will soak the parents.... don't be a baby and tell on us though - you have to be a BIG kid like me and sissy...
Well, we tried but mom and dad said, "PUT THAT HOSE DOWN!" At least Matt didn't tell on us.

Ahhh, I love my little brother!

Sissy, do you see what I see? What is that in dad's hands?

Whoo Hoo! Popsicles! Looks like Matt still has his mind on soaking the parents with the hose!

Soon enough it was time to come in and dry off! We had fun with our cousins on the 4th of July but it was really crazy so mom doesn't have any pictures! She is trying to get some new video to post on here... Matty Moo can help me sing the A,B,C song now AND he can count to 10! Not kidding. Mom says that he is the talker of the family... he is super quiet and then just busts out phrases... Like the other day when we were watching the jets at the Air Force Base - Matty Moo pointed out the window and said, "Wook, I see jet." He also calls Mom "Mommy" and Dad "Daddy". It makes our parents laugh because he is the only one who calls them that. Sissy and I are too cool and just call them Mom and Dad.
Sissy is doing good... she is back on 2 breathing treatments a day for a while. She hasn't had any asthma attacks but I was sneezing a little the other day - so she has to go on prevention treatments. Her little lungs have a hard time fighting off colds and stuff so when any of us get the sneezes or a cold - she has to have treatments... she doesn't seem to mind and I love to ask her about her flash cards when she is doing them!

I started swim lessons this week and love them! Miss Meghan is the BEST teacher ever. I am getting ready to start pre-school in September and am SO excited about it! Mom says we are growing up too fast... but then other days says she can't wait until we can all get into the truck ourselves! Moms need to make up their minds!

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