Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Playing in November...

In between all the busy times we had lots of play time at home too. I was just being a ham in this pic with my new fire truck shirt. It is a favorite. Mom has to pick out my clothes and distract me or I only want to wear this!

This is little Addie strutting her stuff like she is on a runway. Mom was super excited to put her in this outfit. Her friend, who I call Kee Kee, gave it to Addie when she was still in mom's tummy. It finally fits her now. Looks like Addie was just as excited as mom was about this outfit.

Don't fall for it sissy - one minute he is trying to hug you and the next minute he is BITING you! Our sweet little Moo Moo (or Moose as mom and dad now call him) is NOT so sweet. He has everyone except me fooled - he is the one to watch out for!

See what I mean - looks all sweet but he was really trying to choke her so that he could have this toy all to himself! Dad caught him in the act this weekend and has pictures to prove it... I will post those soon.

ADDIE! Cover your neck! I think he has caught the Twilight fever and now he thinks he's Edward! Run for your life!

This is pretty much how we spend our days around here. Chillin' with my dog, reading books and playing cars. Man this IS the life!
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