Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Tree of Thanksgiving...

So, we started a new tradition this year. Every year Christmas keeps creeping out earlier and earlier - so mom wanted to make sure that we focused on Thanksgiving because as Christians it is very important to talk about and be thankful for all of the blessing God gives us. So, mom cut out a ton of maple leaves and we mailed them to family and friends. (If you didn't get any - it was because mom ran out of steam cutting them out.)
The instructions said to write what you are thankful for on the leaves and then mail them back.

Each day I would go with mom to check the mail. We would open them and then talk about them. At lunch or dinner we would pray for the people who sent them back in, thanking God for them.

It was pretty fun to hang them on the tree!

There are lots of great things to be thankful for. Auntie Ally said she was thankful for the vacuum. I think dad is thankful for that too!

Each day more and more leaves would come.

And our tree got really full!

Pretty cool to see our tree with all those leaves huh? Mom said we have to take them down on the 1st of December for the Christmas stuff... but we are going to keep the leaves forever in a special scrapbook!

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