Thursday, December 18, 2008

As You Wish...

I wish December lasted all year. Mom and I had a "date" day and met Merry, Kaleigh, Miss Suzanne and "My" Jack at a place called As You Wish. You get to pick out something and then paint it. I found this jet and HAD to have it. I picked out a green color to paint it because green is my favorite color.
Little Kaleigh didn't get to paint but she did get to help with a project....

"My" Jack is a really good painter like me.

I kept taste testing the paint. Mom kept telling me not to eat it but I kept forgetting that it was not icing! It doesn't taste like icing at all!

"My" Jack's little sister got to come in for a little while. She was mostly hanging out with her GrandPap.

"My" Jack's mom - Miss Suzanne - turned 23 on this day so we had cupcakes for her. Mom made sure that there were some blue sprinkles on some of them too for Jack and I - we didn't want pink sprinkles.

When we were ready to go - "My" Jack tried to give me a hug... I wasn't sure at first what he was doing... sorry "My" Jack - next time I will hug you back.

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Suzanne said...

OK, Lisa, I KNEW I loved you! ;)