Monday, December 1, 2008

My NEW Favorite Thing To Do!

I BEG my mom almost everyday to go and see the airplanes... she used to take us all to the Goodyear airport but she found a new really cool spot! We go and park in a dirt lot right across from Luke Air Force Base!
Matty Moo isn't as thrilled with this outing as I am. He usually just goes to sleep or watches a movie.

Addie is a little scared of the big planes (sometimes I am too) but sometimes she claps with mom and I when they land.

Here is a pic of one of them in the distance... they are much closer when they take off.

I love to watch them out the window... BUT

I have to plug my ears because they are SO loud!

We park by some rose fields! If we are really lucky the tractors will be out too!

Here is a shot of the runway and air tower.

Sometimes they take off one at a time, sometimes two at a time and sometimes we get to see eight of them lift off in pairs of two! That is REALLY loud!

Sometimes they do a touch and go landing and I am not too sure about them. I want them to either take off or land. When they land we clap and clap and say "thank you for keeping us safe". I wish I could meet them and tell them in person.

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