Monday, December 1, 2008

More Walks!

Another trip to Einsteins Bagels... on this trip we also walked to Lowes to help mom and dad pick out some stuff for our backyard!
Dad's doing the dirty work this round.

Here's a walk with Nana. We go to Nana's house every week just to hang out. I escaped the camera on this shot. I was too busy looking at airplanes with Papa. When they sit side by side you can really tell the size difference between Matt & Addie. (P.S. Special shout out Thank You to Auntie Ally for this AWESOME stroller!)

On this walk we went to Wildflower for breakfast. Matt, Addie and I split a short stack of pancakes and munch on mom's veggie omelet. Sometimes if we are quick enough we can sneak some bacon from dad's plate but we have to be really fast!

Lots of people still stop and stare and sometimes even point their finger at our stroller. Mom said I am NOT allowed to make this face at them anymore.

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