Tuesday, December 9, 2008


On a rainy Wednesday - we called up Nana to see if she wanted to meet us at the mall. I finally got them to my FAVORITE STORE... the puppy store. Nana fell in love with a Beagle who had the BIGGEST ears I had ever seen. We could have named him Dumbo!

Sorry these pics are blurry - well, if you notice I am the only thing that is blurry - I could not stand still - I was jumping and screaming - I was so excited. This puppy kept chasing me back and forth.

See? Here we go again! But just so you know - don't use your flash in one of these stores - they got all upset with my mom. How come when you take them home - it is OK to use the flash?!?

Man, they are fast - can you imagine if we got these puppies and ran with Daisy?

I really didn't want to leave - they had to lure me away with the promises of cookies! It worked!

Nana held Matt while mom was loading up the stroller. Addie and I were already in our seats. Matty LOVES Nana... He loves to play with her grandmothers locket.

Hugs goodbye.....

Oh, he loves his Nana!

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