Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Easter Fair

We went to the BEST Easter fair EVER! Our mom's friend Kathy Cole invited us to her church for the fun... and I am sooooo glad we went!

Addie and I bounced and bounced and bounced and bounced on the bounce castle.... it was so much fun. Matty Moo wasn't too sure of the whole bounce thing - so he sat out....

But once we got to the petting zoo - he was ALL over it! Check out his shoes.... there was NO rain in sight... but the twins love to wear their rain boots all the time!

Sissy LOVED the geese... She just thought they were the cutest things ever... looks like the goat here isn't too sure of Addie.

I was all about the bunnies... I have been begging mom to get us one EVERY day since... I don't think she's budging though.

YES! That is a S N A K E and that is Addie touching it! We all (mom included) LOVED the snakes! I think it will be easier to get mom to get us a snake than a bunny!

And this is the most disgusting thing EVER... yes, this is a hissing cockroach... and YES Addie held it.... mom was so grossed out she made her put it down.

Of course this is was the highlight of my day.... I got to talk to the firemen and then they put on their lights for me as they drove away.... someday maybe I will be driving one of those!

Dad surprised us and came up before his golf game... I have the BEST dad ever.

We loved the animals so much - we decided to skip the egg hunt and have all the animals to ourselves... mom said that she rarely gets a pic of all three of us together and even though this is just our back sides... she'll take it!

Right before we left - dad took me on this HUGE blow up slide! Can you see me all the way at the top? This was the perfect day... I can't wait to show you our Easter pics...

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April is THE Month for Zoo Trips!

Yup! Another zoo trip... this time with our Nana and cousin Andrew! This was just a pit stop in our day... a little potty break and SUCKERS!

This is my ONLY boy cousin! Drew and I are great friends!

Here are the twinkies with their "glam" look! They both LOVE to wear sunglasses... Sissy actually lost hers so I let her wear my FAVORITE pair~

This little guy was all by himself out in the middle of the big lake... He didn't seem to mind - he was just catching some rays.

We have a new dragon at our zoo... and this is the face he makes... I LOVE the new dragon.

As you can tell, after about 5 hours at the zoo... the twins were getting very tired.... We all do the same thing when we get tired... we all put our hands behind our head.

Harmony Farm has some new play areas and some new horses to ride!

Do you know what I am doing with my head in this cone?

Yah! I am talking to this kid! They have hidden tunnels underground that connect these things... when you talk into them - the other person can hear you like you are right next to them.. sooooo cool! I wish we had one of these from my room to my twinkies room.... it would be fun to talk and sing all night!

Sissy likes to ride the cow in Harmony Farm... it looks JUST like the cows from our Fisher Price Farm play set!

We wrapped up the day by hanging out with the horses... we almost had to take this one home... He loved Andrew AND Andrew loved him... if we had room in our truck I am sure he would have come with us!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Some New Things...

On Saturday mornings we do this new thing call Bountiful Baskets.... it's a co-op - whatever that is... anyways... you don't know what you're gunna get - but you show up at the pick-up site and get your fruits and veggies.... This was the first week... we had so much fun checking out what we got!

And this was the second week! We love to check out our surprises and even eat them for lunch and dinner! You should check this out if you live in the area!

And, here are our new AMAZING signs that Miss Jessa from Bella Inspired made for Addie and Matt's room... mom has called Matt and Addie Thing One and Thing Two since they were tiny little guys! So now, it's official and on their walls! And as you can tell - the polka dots are done... and make the perfect backdrop for the Dr. Seuss theme!

Here's Moo Magoo's sign... they both just LOVE their signs!

And here are our new art display boards.... we actually made them! Mom drew the letters and let us help her paint them in.... then we got to sip our hand in paint to make our own hand prints! We display the cool things we make at church and for art here at home..... March has been a month of new things!

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Playing in the MUD!

So, I told mom that I was JUST NOT TIRED for my nap today and convinced her that I should be allowed to stay up AND play in our backyard.... mom caved and totally let me play! She even let me play outside alone.... little did she know that I found a really, really cool mud pit to play in!

Mom didn't realize it until she saw me running around and wondered what was all over my shorts!

AND, all over my face!

She didn't seem too mad... Something about boys will be boys... and please... who could stay mad at this face?!?

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Playing with Jack and Jane

We ventured to Jack's park for our VERY FIRST park outing with JUST mom.... since we outnumber her 3 to 1 - she doesn't like to go to places where we can escape unnoticed if another of us gets hurt or bolts.... Jack's park is the perfect size.... in the perfect place AND mom had Miss Kristin to help keep an eye on us! Jack let me use his scooter! It was so cool I want one for my birthday!

Here's Jack on the lookout for sneaky girl sisters who want to get into the boy's fort!

Looks like Jane is more in the trees then the fort we had.... maybe Jane's a tree hugger at heart!

Here's sissy bug on the run.... when is she ever NOT on the run?!? She was loving the grassy hills.... running, rolling, jumping... you name it - she found EVERY way possible to get down that hill!

Jane was just more into hanging out on the grass...

Well, and sneaking sips of her mom's coffee!!! I told you girl sisters are SNEAKY!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zoo, Zoo and More Zoo

Another Zoo trip! This time with our cousin Kaleigh and some new friends.... J and B! Here we are hangin out making fun of monkey hineys! They really should put on some shorts!

Here's our little Kaleigh... although she's not really a "baby" like we call her! Pretty soon - she's gunna be the BIG kid of her family!

Here J was looking for the cheetah... we couldn't find him anywhere!

Here's B.... she's a ball of fire just like Addie! We have to make sure these tough girls don't gang up on us older brothers.... they are liable to overtake us!

J and I found this really cool sprinkler pole... we had a blast playing in the water!

We were trying to get B all wet... looks like she was onto our plan!

Here's Reba! She was busy trying to get the treats hidden in the barrel... she can lift that thing like it's a barrel of feathers....

Here's the crazy 6 of us at lunch time! I am not sure what Addie was doing but Kaleigh doesn't look like she approves!

And don't B and Matty look like an old married couple arguing about how long they should stay at the zoo?

After lunch it was time to SLIDE,


S L I D E ! ! !

Kaleigh knows how to do the slide right! She gets a swinging start... she may be younger but she can hang with the big kids!

Ahhhhhh! Cousins! Kaleigh and Addie love each other....

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