Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our Texas Cousins!

Well, FINALLY, we got to see our Texas family again! Here is Belle - she loved the babies. She is the oldest of all of us and really helps to keep things moving smooth. I think next year Lib and I (we are only 2 days apart) and Matt & Addie are going to have to gang up on her - she may be the oldest but she is WAY outnumbered!

Here's Belle and Addie. Addie LOVES Belle. Here Addie is pretending to be a ballerina with a NOT so nice look on her face. Belle is teaching Addie all about dancing.

Belle was trying to scare Addie - but Addie just laughs. Maybe she isn't girly enough to dance!

This is Libby! She is GREAT! She is really funny and talks A LOT. Dad says something about girls having more words than us boys. He is RIGHT! Libby has a lot more to say than I do!

After dinner we played the piano with Gram - man, next year it is going to be a fight for a seat when Addie, Matt & Kaleigh are big enough to play with us.

Sissy thinks she is tough stuff pulling her wagon everywhere. She is a crazy driver though - so watch your toes around her!

Gram and Papa thought it was cute that that two families has matching PJ's and wanted a picture of all of us... well, if you have seen some of my previous updates - you know this is close to impossible. Well, all five of us are in the picture but looks like there is only ONE star of this photo shoot!

Enough already - GET ME OUTTA HERE!

It was a ton of fun to hang with them - but all GREAT things must too come to an end... Here we are all loaded to trek back home. Addie wasn't so happy about leaving!

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