Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Came Early!

Mom and Dad decided to make us a playground for Christmas! It was really cool to watch it happen right outside of my window! I wanted to show you step by step how my playground was built! This was the before picture. We used to have our swing set in the grass but it was killing it - which doesn't make for a happy dad.
Another before pic... man this is going to be good!

So, one of the agreements with our landscapers was that we would help with the work. SO mom offered to help move some of the rock while we were napping. Dad told her not to worry about it - it was probably too hard. Well, dad either doesn't know mom well - OR - he knows her TOO well... she got her shovel out and cleared a 12 foot by 4 foot section all by herself. The hard part was we don't have a wheelbarrow - so she had to scoop it and walk it far away... that night mom and dad went out together after we went to bed and scooped the rest of the 50 foot by 30 foot section until late at night. How romantic...

After the rock was removed our favorite guys came over and dug 5" of dirt out of the whole area... that way we could have 6" of pea gravel in our new play area - that makes it safe in case we fall... the thought about sand but mom said something about attracting cats. I never knew they liked to play in sand too!

Once the dug out the area - they built a little wall for us to sit and walk on...it's just the right height.
Next came 18 tons of pea gravel. This was the pile outside our house. A huge truck delivered it. I thought it was pretty cool until it started lifting in the air - I wanted to get inside FAST - I thought it was going to fall over on me.

Ta - Dah! Here is is! The finished project! It is SO cool and so much fun! This is the greatest Christmas gift ever!

Daisy even got a new mountain out of the deal! The put all the dirt they removed into a mountain in our backyard - now Daisy has a bird's eye view of the golf course - good thing she isn't a jumper. Mom and Dad are going soon to pick out about 5 or 6 trees and some new plants to dress up the rest of the rocks!
Sissy approves!There's nothing like playing with your dad in the backyard!

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