Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Zoo Trip of the Year!

I know, we can hardly believe that it has taken mom this long to get us to the zoo this year... I mean we are members and can go whenever we want... but today the weather was perfect and Nana didn't have any quilting classes until late in the day - so it worked out PERFECT! It has been really nice weather too - we have been playing outside and taking tons of walks! Mom even walks us up to Lowe's and Target now just to change things up!

We weren't at the zoo long when we saw the most coolest thing in the WHOLE WORLD!~

Do you see it? Look up in that tree... can you tell what it is? A bird?!? NO... look closer...

It is Jay - our very own Phoenix Zoo tiger! It was the coolest thing ever to see him climb way high up in the tree... he hung out for a few minutes and then just came down in four big jumps! I never knew that tigers liked to hang out in the tops of trees!

As usual, Addie and Matty were more into their snacks than in the animals... focus people!

We finally made it to my favorite spot - Harmony Farm! This time I climbed right up on the John Deere tractor. This farming thing is a piece of cake!

Look at me - I am a pro! I can drive a tractor with one hand!

After making sure the fields were plowed - we checked out the horse that likes to nibble on mom's shoulder and then I went to check on the goats... they were a little shy today - they didn't even try to eat my shirt this time... we didn't get to stay inside long because we could hear sissy screaming! Mom didn't let her come in - and she was MAD.

At lunch we sat near the carousel and I begged mom to let me ride it. I wanted to ride a Lion but got to ride the Jaguar instead... it was SO cool.

Matty Moo kept knocking sissy's Cheerios out of her bowl. He thought it was funny and would laugh and laugh - but sissy did NOT think it was funny. Sometimes she can be so dramatic... so mom made us switch strollers... that's cool - I love to hang with my "mini me!" Mom and dad always say it was a good thing Matty and I weren't the twins - they might have mixed us up!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Terrific Tuesdays!

Addie has a new talent - she can read! OK - maybe she's can't REALLY read - but she likes to pretend... she gibbers and then turns the page.

BUT, she is always on the move - so she never finishes the book in the same place that she starts reading it... that means Matty Moo and I have to follow her all over the place just to see the pictures!

Sometimes she reads by the window....

And sometimes on the step...

And she is always proud of herself when she finishes a story!
Mom told me at breakfast that we were going to go see Kee Kee at Canyon today... we also had some stuff for Huntington... I just wanted to go bye bye and all the babies wanted to do was play!

Matt was on the run from a last minute diaper change before leaving... sometimes he is hard to catch.

Then he felt like he needed to read a book before we left... I just wanted to get in the truck and leave.

Oh come on Sissy! Let's go! Finally we made it up to Canyon. It was fun cuz mom misses all her friends and they all play with us! Mr. Joe and Pastor Mik have lots of baseballs in their office! Ant and I played and played with them. I even got to play on the air hockey table too!

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Valentine's Day!

We woke up on Valentine's Day to really cool balloons, new stuffies and a surprise from Gram and Papa...

Addie and Matt were exited to see what was in the bag - just like I was!

Here's Addie loving on her new elephant... Mom said she and dad picked this out for her because it had blue eyes just like she does!

Matt Moo got a giraffe... They looked for a cow - but thought a giraffe was perfect since Moo is quiet just like they are! I got a lion! Think it is because I am the top of the toy chain around here!

I was SO excited over this firetruck puzzle that I kept giving mom a goofy smile! Is there anything better than firetrucks?

Here's my new puzzle almost complete!

Matty Moo's shirt was perfect for the day - you can't see it - but it says "Burnin Hunk of Love!"

We had the best Valentine's day! We spent the rest of the day playing... Dad came back from golf with a TON of really pretty flowers for mom. Then Miss Kacie came over to our house and mom and dad went to eat at Los Dos... Mom says it is FIRE hot and we aren't allowed to eat there yet. I think that was just an excuse... I got the feeling that they didn't want us to come! Rude.

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Papa's Birthday!

It's my Papa's Birthday and I knew JUST what to make him!

Mom took me to JoAnn's and I picked out a really cool birdhouse! My Papa spends lots of time outside in his garage and he has a giant tree next to it.... I wanted him to have a birdhouse in his tree!

I painted and painted and painted... I got to pick out my own paint colors and I choose blue and yellow.... Mom kept quizzing me about the colors I was using ... when I answered green - she said, "Noah.... you don't have any green paint. What color are you painting...." So, I answered green again. Mom laughed and then looked to see what color I was painting... and that is when she saw I was right! I mixed the blue and the yellow and it made GREEN!

Sissy and Matty were not allow to paint. They weren't even allowed in the same room... Sissy took this as the perfect time to play with my John Deere Tractor!

Moo Moo was just his cute self - playing and laughing while I painted! Next year mom told them that she would let them paint too!

Since we had all been sick - we didn't get to eat with Papa ... but mom drove us over to his house and I surprised him with his very own birdhouse!

Matty and Addie didn't even get to come in the house - they had to wait in the car because they were still coughing....(this was Feb 12th - I am catching up)... I know Papa LOVED his present... he hung it up and I already got to see it in the tree!

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Rough Housing...

We have been home a lot more lately and playing in our favorite room! This was right before going to bed one night... it is TOUGH for mom to catch us and get us dressed!

Mom got Addie stripped but couldn't keep her pinned down long enough to get her PJ's on! So mom gave up and grabbed the camera. Addie and I love to play with these big blocks together.... Clare and Kade sent them to us and we love them! We make ramps and then I drive my cars down them.

Hey! Stop her! She has my car... Addie always does this... she waits until it gets to the bottom of the ramp and then grabs my car and runs away! It makes me SO mad!

I have to chase her to get my car back... Matt was scared by all the loud noise and was trying to get away before a scrap breaks out.

Mom made sissy give me back my car - and she was mad... she wanted to go into the garage and tell dad to make mom be nice.

Here she comes again! Sissys can be such little pests... (don't tell her but I kinda like it!)

Great! Looks like she went and got Moo Moo - they really know how to gang up on me!

I got tired of them messing with my stuff and I accidentally pushed Matt.... unfortunately, mom not only saw me push him - she caught it on film... there is no escaping evidence like this!

I bought myself a stay in time out... Matt came over to rub it in that I got in trouble and that makes me even MORE mad!

Great! MOM! Make them leave me alone. Can't I sit in time out in peace?

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing in the Dirt at Nana's

Matty Moo and Addie have been pretty sick lately. Nothing serious - just ears and a little RSV (Addie) but it meant A LOT of doctor's visits and mom doesn't like me to go because she says she never knows what I will pick up while I am there. So, off to Nana's house I go. I never get to be with my Nana by myself - so we planned a fun afternoon! (Mom thinks I look just like dad in this picture!)

We got out my favorite garage and my cars and took them OUTSIDE! What could be better - cars, garages and DIRT! My cars like to ride on the dirt roads I make them under the plants and then they drive "home".

My cars go really fast down the curvy ramp!

When mom came back to get me - I didn't want to leave... I wanted to stay and find all the cars I had hidden under the leaves! Matty and Addie are doing much better now - so looks like I have to share Nana and Papa again! Bummer....

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