Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look Out Texas Here We Come!

Yup, you read that right! We went to Texas to visit our cousins... AND... for anyone out there who is planning a hoist on our toys while we are gone - WE ARE ALREADY back (you didn't think I would let you know we would be gone did you?) AND, besides that - our Papa stayed at our house with our dog - and if he happened to step out - we have our trusty alarm from BONDS ALARM holding down the fort... but enough with the free advertising - check out our trip!

When mom and dad told us how long we would be in the car - we were a little stunned. Mom said she had special 2 hour bags that had toys and movies to help keep up happy.

What mom didn't plan on was a blow out tire in good ole Tucson. Mom and Dad have never liked Tucson much and this little tire issue didn't help put it high on the list. BUT - they have to admit that the people of Tucson are the BEST! Discount Tire came to us - helped with our rim and tire and helped us get back on the road... ONLY 3 hours behind schedule.. this little set back didn't make sissy so happy...

Sitting in the car for several hours while it gets fixed is not that fun... mom said we are the best kids because we hardly fussed or caused a scene!

14 hours later, we were finally in a hotel in Odessa, TX... and we STILL had about 8 more hours to go! Moo Moo was a little scared at first of the hotel - but soon he was sporting this smile. I am pretty sure the people in the other rooms didn't like us. We rolled in at 1am (TX time) and after 14 hours in the car - we were ready to PARTY!

After a good night's sleep and a sippy of milk - we were all ready to get back on the road!

Mom stayed with us in the hotel room while Dad re-loaded the truck. I kept watch to help open the door when dad came back. I wanted to make sure he wasn't leaving us in this small town!

I wanted to make sure that dad was following the speed limit and wasn't getting lost - so I put my rat on the job! After another 9 hours in the truck - we FINALLY reached Belle Belle and Libby's house!

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Rachel said...

I can TOTALLY relate to the "being-on-the-road-with-kids-and-a-totally-packed-car-tire-problem"!!!! You seem to have handled it VERY well:)
It looks like you guys had a great time and I LOVE all of the pics you took with your new camera:)