Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter with Gram and Papa

There are a TON of pics with this post - so I will try to keep the comments small!

My cousin who I like to call Bellerina!

My cousin Libby! She does this walk when she doesn't want to seem like she is in a hurry! It is SO funny!

Trying to keep up with the girls!

Checking out the roses with Lib.

Matty Moo - he just woke up from a long nap and has the snuggly sleepy look!


My little cousin Kaleigh! She is was the youngest one here but baby Jett is the baby in our family! Maybe soon we can celebrate Easter with Jett and his BIG brother Jace!

That dad is always trying to catch me!

Good luck dad - you taught me the football hold and I am FAST!

As usual sissy was super busy - so all her pics are action shots!

What are the twins watching?

OH! They wish they were on the other side so that they could pop the bubbles Belle was blowing!

All three of the babies LOVED all the bubbles we were blowing.

Sisters walking their ducks!

Dad making twins look easy!

Some of us DID stop to smell the roses.

But some of us stuck with finding the eggs!

This was the as close as mom got all day of a pic of the three of us! Better luck next year mom!

Hope your Easter was as great as ours!
Remember: He is NOT here - for HE has RISEN!

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