Monday, May 25, 2009

My 3rd Birthday Party!

Since we were in Texas on my actual birthday - we delayed my family party until this weekend! I had a Thomas the Train Party at Peter Piper Pizza! Check out my cake - it is actually cupcakes all pushed together to look like a cake...

Here's my pizza faced sissy! She is a MESSY eater!

Matty Moo had a blast playing Peek-A-Boo with Bri.

Gram, Drew and I found a fun game where you shoot water! It was sooo cool... the only bummer was you couldn't shoot people. Now, that would have been fun!

We had a ton of fun! We had a really long table and we all had pizza, soda and cupcakes... that is my kind of menu.

Presents! Mom got a little miffed at me cuz I didn't want to open gifts... I just wanted to get down and play. I did open them all and I got really cool new things! I got my first real train set from Gram and Papa and Auntie Chris and Uncle Jake got me some train cars too. I even got a race cars AND a gift card from my auntie Wendy, Bri and Drew that I am going to use to get a new building for my trains! Thanks to everyone for all my gifts! WOW - I have lots of fun stuff to play with now!

My Nana quilted me these play scenes - you play with cars and airplanes on them... I actually slept with one of them at nap time too...

Hey, wait a minute... it's not their birthday! Nah, it's OK - it was really neat that they babies got some gifts of their own too! Lots of the toys I are chokers for little ones - so I can't share them...DARN.

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