Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday, Sunday...

Watch Out! There are THREE drivers in this house! We LOVE to zoom around on our cars! I have to wrestle Matty Moo for the Hummer - looks like all the boys in the house love Hummers! President Obama better makes sure that his new plan to make all cars get 41 mpg includes extra safe SUV's like Hummers!

Sissy had to put on a driving hat... Driving a convertible can be hazardous... you can get sunburns! AND, the hat helps keep her hair in place!

Busted - You caught me texting while driving! Don't tell the police - they would give me a ticket!

Looks like Tow Mater has some engine problems... Matty Moo knows just how to fix it.

Racing my brother... I am really, really fast but I let him win every once in a while. If I always win he might stop racing me!

This is our other favorite thing to do right now - we like to sit in our chairs and hop up and down... sissy never stopped long enough to try it... until today!

Man, she's good! She got the hang of it really fast... it makes mom laugh and laugh.

TRAINS! My mom and dad set up my train all over our family room. Daisy has to be really careful when she goes outside not to mess it up!

Up and over... hours of entertainment!

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