Monday, May 25, 2009

My Cousin Graduated....

Here's Bri! She graduated from 8th grade this past week... well, they call it a promotion but my mom says she's not sure everyone would call high school a promotion! Bri looked like a rock star princess!

As soon as it started - I started flipping out. I thought it was going to have loud explosions like the circus... so mom took me out and we waited for my dad to get there so that she could go back inside and watch. The baby Egglets stayed home with Miss Kacie. Mom said next time I will too! Mom says I look like I was waiting to catch a train.

This was the way to do a graduation... all I could hear was blah, blah, blah - boring... at least this way I got to play with my cars!

Bri has TONS of friends! She asked my mom to follow her around and get pics of her with all her friends... BORING.

Here's one of Auntie Wendy and Bri... Bri is almost as tall as her mom.

While mom was taking all the pics - Dad, Drew and I found a can of silly string and we shot it all over the place... way better than taking pictures.

Someone actually got the camera away from my mom and took her photo with Bri.

When it was time to head to the party - I grabbed my pak-pak and made my way back to our truck... I was SO excited for the cake at the party!

At the party - Nana got Bri a Princess crown... she loved it and wore it the WHOLE night. Here's Bri and Papa.

Here's Nana, Papa and Bri... do you see that crazy guy in the background - that's my dad. He is always messing around - that is what makes him so fun.

At Nana's they had a HUGE bowl of M&M's! My mom caught me helping myself - she didn't know how long I had been there or how many I had eaten... and I'm NOT telling!

This is Bri and her Uncle Eric - man they look alike. I thought he was REALLY cool cuz he had cowboy boots just like me. He had a hat too - wow - a real live cowboy at her party - cool!

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