Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nothin's Better than Hanging with Cousins!

Playing in the playroom with a sissy with crazy hair!

Talking while driving - not against the law in these parts.

Puzzle making in style!

Leaving the club with Uncle Perfect!

Walking up for a Sunday brunch!

Lots of playing and some scrappin' too!

Don't let these pictures fool you - Addie is NOT a total bully but she can hold her own! Moo Moo had just taken something from her for about the 50th time and since he has about 10 pounds on her - she has to put her whole body into fighting back...

The best part is - once they get to this part of the fight they both start laughing! Mom really does discipline us... she just thought it was funny to catch on film... usually we get in BIG trouble WAY before it gets to this point!

Moo Moo was getting ready for swimming season - I think he thought these were floaties (and not the kind that I talked about in the last post!)

Belle Belle and I could play together for HOURS!

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