Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Back to Arizona We Go!

The trip back was less eventful than the trip there... no tire trouble and besides this BRIEF nap from Addie - no one slept AT ALL! We felt like we should stay up to help dad with the drive!

Day one of the trip back was 14 hours! We stopped once for gas and once for pizza! Can you believe that? Mom and Dad said we are AMAZING!

When you stop for pizza - you have to take a minute to climb a tree... actually - I thought if I climbed up high enough they wouldn't be able to get me down and back in the truck - didn't work!

So we did lots of reading....

Lots of looking at the passing land....

And even got a little silly to help pass the time with laughter! It was great to come home and see our AZ family AND our dog! BUT, we miss Texas!

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