Thursday, May 21, 2009

An "Extra" Ordinary Day...

Today started much like every other day... playing with my brother in our PJ's in the playroom... A great start to an "extra"-ordinary day.

It continued through breakfast, some more play time, lunch, then nap time... And as always I get to run in the Egglets room and yell, "Wake up Babies!" Matty Moo almost always gives me this face... guess he doesn't always like to wake up from his nap.

Then our BIG dog always comes in and watches the bus drop off the kids. She always growls and sometimes barks because our neighbor's mom always brings their dog - who is also named Daisy - to meet the bus.

Then we always have a bath before we go back downstairs for dinner! Matty Moo and I have become BEST FRIENDS... dad says you have to watch out for the two of us - we love to clown around and make each other laugh and squeal.

Sorry Sissy - we love you too but it's a special BROTHER'S ONLY club!

And it ended up like most days do... Mom gets in the mood for some crazy photos and after bathing AND getting into our PJ's - mom let Addie get in her new puffy skirt from Canton, TX. She also got to sport her patten leather Vans... not kidding! It is kinda cloudy and about to rain here - which mom says is the perfect time to get some summer shots outside~!

There aren't many pics of this girl! She is BUSY and LOVES to be outside... but at least when we look at pictures when we are all grown up - it will show us how we REALLY were! Every day here is "extra" ordinary! It is the same ole, same ole with a few new twists and LOTS of laughs! I hope you have an "extra" ordinary day too!

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Jenny said...

All your kids are too cute!! You are truly blessed:)))

Little House in the Desert said...

It cracks me up how much the boys look JUST like you and your daughter looks like your husband! Do people say that all the time or is it just me?! lol!

Anonymous said...

These are so precious! Too funny that Matt is turning blonde!! Addie's tutu is fun!