Wednesday, May 13, 2009


On our first full day in Texas - we drove over to a town called Canton. They have a big event each month called Canton Days - it is an outdoor market where you can find just about anything!
See - I am NOT kidding - you can find anything! They had furniture, toys, clothes, plants, food, animals, and tons of stuff that moms like to put around the house and then tell you NOT to touch it!

All of us cousins only cared about one thing! TREATS! We had corn dogs, dippin dots, lemonade and animal crackers! It was AWESOME!

Belle Belle LOVES her vanilla dippin dots!

Now, this is a REAL cowboy! A HUGE hat and a pink sippy cup. It was SO hot I could care less what color my cup was!

Libby is a pro at eating corn dogs... I didn't really want to try one. I love my dog and I would NEVER want to eat her.

Not sure if you can see this well... but I saw an email on the Internet one time that said people look like their pets... I knew you could trust what you read on the Internet... this guy has the same beard as his goats!

All the sugar and fun had Belle Belle dancing in the streets!

She is almost 6 and just the BEST! Us first-borns have to stick together!

Here's Belle Belle with Uncle Perfect! (That's what she calls him but I do have to agree - he is the PERFECT dad too!)

Just kidding Moo Moo - we're not leaving you here in Canton!

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