Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Zoo...

One of my favorite things about visiting Texas was our trip to the zoo! It was SO awesome - here is a rare pic of the three Egglets all looking at the camera at the same time! We were so ready to see all the wild animals!

OK - we were thinking at little more wild than this! This is a Texas squirrel who found the parrot's food... shoo~ get out of there!

Who knew that they would have a cool old Ford at the zoo? I thought it was SO cool to sit and pretend to drive. I thought I was on a safari!

Sometimes I would just park in the Serengeti and watch the wild elephants out the back window.

OK - maybe they don't have cool stone walls out in the middle of the Serengeti - but a guy can pretend can't he?

Belle Belle was busy most of the day taking pics of all the animals! Sometimes she took some pictures of her wild cousins too!

The Rhinos have an outside area and an inside area. The inside area was STINKY! They poop in their hut and it is gross... wait a minute - I guess I can't talk - I pooped in the tub!

We had a little snack break and Belle Belle and Libby made pennies. You put them in this machine and turn the steering wheel and it makes a penny with a new picture. It was really hard to turn and mom said I couldn't get one because it was a choking hazard for the babies...

So Libby let me help her turn the wheel for her penny!

Addie was super chill at the zoo... she was having fun sitting next to Libby in the stroller!

Here's one of mom's favorite pics of Libby Lou!

Belle Belle was looking for her favorite animal - the Zebra!

Looks like he was looking for her too! This zebra came right up to us to say hello.

What in the world is getting Matty Moo SO excited?

Look a Leopard! And before you email my mom and say it is a cheetah - it's not - this is a leopard... promise.

Goofy girl!

Walking with my dad... who by the way was texting Joe at Bonds Alarm to make sure all was well while we were gone!

Sissy finally got out of the stroller! She LOVED to rock in the rocking chairs.

Here are the most rare animals at the zoo! Ha, ha, just kidding... a rare picture of the three girls! Belle Belle and Libby bought Addie a matching dress!

The Zoo was SO much fun that some of us didn't want to leave! It's OK Libby we'll come back soon and go again!

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