Thursday, May 14, 2009

Enjoying the Lone Star State

Here I am at Cavendar's picking out some birthday boots! I was SO excited to get some boots like Woody from Toy Story!

What do you think? My dad thinks boots and shorts NOT a good idea... I don't see a problem! If you think this look is bad - check out my mom's blog to see how I really like to wear my boots around the house.

Here was yet another squirrel hanging out. Literally!

No, really - he was just hanging out on the fence outside my Aunt's kitchen window.

Mom had lots of fun taking pics of all of us kids!

Addie even smiled for the camera some.

Riding bikes in the playroom...

Snuggling with the Aunt...

Making eyes to get more treats...

Showing off our Marilyn Monroe look with a waffle beauty mark!

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