Friday, May 29, 2009

The PERFECT Friday Night!

Tonight we decided to have a BBQ! I was SO excited and sissy cried from the moment that I went outside until she got her own shoes on and was able to join me... she LOVES to be outside!

Matty Moo didn't have any shoes downstairs so he had to use my old sandals... he was a little shocked trying to walk in shoes that were too big but he managed to do just fine!

Sissy is always so happy to be outside... She is taking after me and likes to point out all the airplanes in the sky. She laughs and claps when they go over. If she shows them to me first I tell her, "Good eye sissy!"

This was the scene over our back fence as we sat down to dinner... dad grilled hamburgers and sweet corn on the cob. Mom made sweet potato fries and baked beans. I was so happy to be playing outside that I hardly ate anything!

I even wore Daisy out chasing her all over the place with my mini cooper. She had to go inside when it was dinner time... she can eat off our plates without even lifting her chin - so mom felt the food was safer if she was in the house.

Check out the hair on this kid... we don't know what to do with his hair - if it is short it sticks straight up in the back - no matter WHAT gel you use... if it is long - it sticks straight up in the back... think mom is going to have to keep his hair short which will make dad happy... she likes to keep my hair long cuz I have lots of curls!

After dinner mom dunked us in the tub while dad and daisy did the clean up. I was really hot and sweaty after running around so much! Hey - check out my cup! I LOVE to drink out of straw cups now. My cousin Belle Belle drinks out of straw cups all the time and I told mom I wanted straw cups just like her!

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Kristen said...

Sounds like you guys had a great night! Please stop growing up so fast! By the time I get back from Italy you're all going to be so big....slow down! :)



Lees said...

Kiki we can not promise that we won't grow but we are hoping that our parents grow up a little while you are gone! :0)
Love Noah