Monday, May 25, 2009


This week we had some of mom's friends over for some food and fun! Both of mom's friends have babies that are about 7 months old... they are 3 weeks apart but it reminded me of when we had two little babies here in our house!

This is Hannah... she is really cute and really strong! I was a little worried that she was going to start crawling while she was at our house! She is moving very soon and my mom is sad.

Here's Miss Melissa! She is Hannah's mommy. Miss Melissa and my mommy used to work together - now they are both jobless... well, kinda!

This is Huntington! He is a real ham. He LOVED to smile at the camera. AND, he wasn't so sure of Hannah taking his toys!

This is Huntington's mom Miss Jill. She makes me laugh! Miss Jill is married to Mr. Ant who mom used to work with. They are moving too but not as far away so we will get to see Huntington again! Maybe when Hannah comes to visit her grandparents - we can all get together again!

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