Monday, March 9, 2009

A Visit from Aunt Patty and Uncle Jerry...

This must be our lucky month... first Aunt Rita was here and now Uncle Jerry and Aunt Patty are here! Here is Addie on our way to meet them with Gram, Papa, Cousin Eric, Cousin Merry and "Baby" Kaleigh...

Here's Moo on the way... as you are probably guessing - we had so much fun at dinner that Mom didn't take any pics! (Hard to believe - I KNOW!) Aunt Patty took bunches with her cool iPhone so maybe we will post some more later.

After dinner I showed my dad the flowers... seems really cute until I stomp on them! After dinner we went back and played for a long time. Moo really loved playing with Aunt Patty and the Lego wagon - he laughed and laughed. I played pool with Gram and Addie just ran around like a wild child - as usual. We were so tired by the time we left that we ALL fell asleep in the truck on the way home! Addie didn't even make it out of the neighborhood!

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