Monday, March 23, 2009

The Thunder in the Desert!

This weekend mom and dad took me on a "date day". We left the babies at home and went to breakfast and then to the Air Show at Luke Air Force Base!

There were so many cool things to watch! The C-5 did this really cool airshow! That is a HUGE plane!

Dad and I sat in a real rescue helicopter!

And the Pink Firetruck was there! This firetruck is so special - it helps raise money to fight breast cancer! I love it even more cuz my Nana had this nasty disease and I don't want her to get it again!

When you see this pink ribbon - check out what they are doing - it means they are trying to find a cure!

Check out how close we were to the C-5 when it landed!

The Thunderbirds did all sorts of cool tricks. They had smoke coming out the back of them to show you how much they flip around.

LOOK! Who knew the firetrucks were going to be at the air show! It is a good thing they were there - they even had HUGE explosions! I was a little freaked out at first - but the farther we walked away from them - the more I liked the booms!

The Air Force has their own special firetrucks! It looks like a firetruck mixed with a tank! So cool.

Doesn't this look like a fake picture? The Budweiser Horses were there too!

Check out that maneuver! I had to pull my shades down to watch this one!

They even had a RACE CAR! Could this day have been any cooler

I was standing on the middle of a landing "X" here... mom thought it was funny that I hung my glasses on the back of my shirt - just like my dad does! You should come next year - this was the coolest thing EVER! It was really cool to see all the men and women who protect us each and every day!

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Anonymous said...


Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time at Luke's Thunder in the Desert! We appreciate hearing comments like yours because it makes the months of planning and preparation worth it. See you at the 2011 show.

Justin R. Oakes
Public Affairs Officer
Luke Air Force Base