Monday, March 9, 2009

Aunt Wendy's Birthday!

After being at the Zoo all day - we got to party all night! We got all cleaned up and loaded into the car for a night at Nana and Papa's house to celebrate Auntie Wendy's birthday. I don't know how old she is... they didn't put any candles on her dessert... that can't be a good sign.

When we first got to Nana's house - the babies got quarantined in the pak-n-play while the last minute dinner prep was finished. I went outside with the rest of the men to finish cooking the steaks... Maybe someday Matty Moo will join the ranks of the grilling men.

"What, are you kidding me - I shared a womb with him - why in the world do I have to share my pak-n-play?" As you can see - Sissy was not too thrilled with sharing her space OR her books.

Here's the birthday auntie and my cousin drew. People say we look a lot alike in the eyes... I think that is pretty cool cuz he is really fun to play with! I heard my mom say that Aunt Wendy got new hair for her birthday. I think that is kinda creepy. I hope I don't ever have to get new hair - I like the kind I have. It looked really pretty though.

Matty Moo got caught red handed eating Twinkies! Mom wouldn't let any of us Egglets eat our Nana's famous Mississippi Mud. Ewwww... who eats mud?

Here was the best part. I was SO excited to give Auntie Wendy my present. I had made her two things. Mom and I made cupcakes and took them to her work on her real birthday! I got to put on all the sprinkles! That is a FUN job.

I was so excited to show her what I made her - that I had to help speed up the unwrapping process!

Here's the one-of-a-kind frame that I painted for my auntie! I even put the polka dots on the letters! The only thing I had to have help with was gluing the letters on. Mom had to use a glue gun and since I am not allowed to play with guns - she had to do it herself! I think my auntie LOVED it... she gave me a giant hug and a HUGE kiss... girls can be so mushy.

When our aunt finally told us how old she turned - Addie just could NOT believe it! Actually our mom tells us that we should really be happy when someone has a birthday! It is a great gift from God to be here on earth and we should be so grateful for EACH and EVERY year. It means more time with our family and our friends. (Our dogs too!)

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