Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't Take Toys from Matty...

My mom has been telling me to share with my brother and sister for some time. But, they were MY toys first AND I am bigger... so sometimes I don't listen so well...

I tried to overpower Matty Moo the other day - he had a car I just had to have.

I pulled him down and he landed in my lap. I got the toy and that is when I felt the WORST pain in my leg. I started SCREAMING and mom rushed to the rescue...

BUT, I was left with a BAD bite! Yup, Moo Moo is now Crock! He is a chomper!

Mom took me to see the jets and it worked to get my mind off the pain! I just kept telling her that it was broken!

Here is a close up of my bite! Good thing I had pants on at the time! Moo Moo got in BIG trouble and mom told me that I needed to share better too... Mom told Moo that he needs to use his words and NOT his teeth.
I learned that he may be smaller than me but he is NOT to be messed with! Addie is so much easier to pick on - she is so hyper that she just moves on to something else! I will stick with picking on her from now on!

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