Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break!

My cousins had Spring Break this week - so we all went to the park!

Matty and Addie love being in my wagon! Can't you tell?

Bri is our Oldest cousin and she is really cool! She always knows how to get Matty Moo to smile!

And she LOVES to be all gushy and gives me hugs all the time!

Drew and I ran around and chased the birds... this is my dad's favorite thing to do too!

Addie brought her purse with us... she may be a rough and tumble little girl - but she likes to look cute while being so tough!

All that playing made us all hungry! Nana took us to Peter Piper Pizza - Drew and I played and played!

I even got to ride a tractor!

Climbing some more... who needs pizza when you have all this stuff to do?

Mom had to take this picture when we got home! Addie had a white dress on and she is SO messy when she eats - so she was stripped down to her Princess Addie bloomers and she STILL got pizza on her pants!

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