Monday, March 23, 2009

Bri's Game Night

Well, it's that time again - Softball Season has begun! We went to watch Bri in her first game of the season - I think it was a practice game but it was a ton of fun! Mom always gets us a Happy Meal on the way - we eat and watch! And of course - I always have to bring my cars!

Bri is the one in the black. She is a really LOUD cheer girl! They yell and make up songs to chant when their team is up to bat! Bri is the catcher when they are on the field. She is really good. Mom says she is like Tiger on Winnie the Pooh because she jumps all over the place to stop the ball!

I sat on Auntie Wendy's lap for some of the game.

Here's Bri on 3rd base - about to score!!!

I sat with Papa some of the game too. Papa was teaching me the rules of the game!

Matty Moo was great at the game - he sits in the stroller by Nana the WHOLE time - he eats and watches... Addie on the other hand is up and down and all over the place! Mom got a workout chasing her around!

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